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The Course

Digital Environment for Social Media · Online

6 weeks • online option
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Digital scenario is the new perspective for interior spaces: the digital approach embraces the new vision of interior spaces, designed according to the background needed in social media events and is aimed at new generations, shaping Interior Design visualizer.



The course participants will acquire the technical skills necessary to define virtual scenarios with a strong stylistic and aesthetic component, aimed at creating digital environments for video conferences and social content. Participants will be supported by professionals in creating the study of compositions for interior spaces in which to analyze atmospheres consistent with the assigned concept, design virtual design products, through the use of targeted software. The course includes a practical experience in which to experiment and capture the potential of technology to virtually express new architectural formats, excluding the limits of real space and creating scenarios and digital products to contextualize in interiors in response to the social media market.

25 Oct 2021 - 03 Dec 2021
Italian · English  - Fee
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Programme Specification


Week 1

Introduction to the Digital Interior Scenario

Introduction to the new interior scenarios aimed at a virtual future that requires a digital approach to the creation of spaces for Social Media. The course will discuss the aspects that determine the drastic change in the panorama of interior, and which are the innovative solutions that a professional designer has to use. The space identity will be explored through different types of projects. The experience is guided through the analysis of the elements that characterize a residential interior and the search for the aesthetic and contemporary codes aimed to answer the brief of the introduced project. 

Week 2

Application of Design methodology

The project method plans the interpretation of the assigned theme and its translation into an imaginary scenario complete of the elements that characterize its space: architectural structure, selection of surfaces, colors and decorative elements that will define the soul of the total living. The use of software is essential in the digital approach to recreate interior scenarios able to go beyond and eliminate the limitation of conventional planning. The focus of the week will be on sessions of software learning aimed to provide the technical skills necessary to deliver the project proposals.

Week 3

Further Progression in Digital Interior Style Composition

During the course of the residential project, the digital composition restores the perception of the proposed interior and, through the selection of lighting effect, the participants are able to recreate the right atmosphere needed for the requested virtual scenario. Public spaces, which have different characteristics connected to spatiality and aesthetic contents, to functions and contextual effect, are analyzed within the panorama of the digital transformation, by dealing with a dedicated new project where to face new subjects:exhibiting spaces, theatrical and museum staging, urban settings.

Week 4

Progression to new Space Tipology

The analysis of different scenarios in public spaces is interpreted and translated with creative suggestions and solutions needed to complete the second project. The scenic impact will be created while following the standards and the needs in staging a real space, but it will be virtually represented and met in the complexed lighting aspects. The classes will also focus on the use of software with gradual progression and guidance toward interior representation, where the digital creation will be key players in future events.

Week 5

Introduction to Digital Objects 

The defined spaces call for the selection and proposal of furniture design coerent with the interior style, that the participants will present at the end of their composition and in connection with the aesthetic and functional approach of the final image. The Design culture reinvents itself in this new virtual image of interior. Objects once bounded to industrial production is now examined in a design process which is digital-technological and immediate. In this phase of the course, specific software for the creation of products, that will be employed in the developed projects, are introduced.

Week 6

Projects finalization and preparation to the final presentation 

During the last week, the objective is the finalization of the two digital projects developed during the course to create digital environments for video conferences and social content. The participants will coordinate all aspects previously worked on, presenting the style and identity of the interior and acquiring critical and tecnical ability to prepare a storytelling for each different creative proposal. Preparing for the final presentation will respond to the request for different visions coherent with the demands of the current market.

  • Digital Scenario
  • 3D Virtual Modelling
  • Post-Editing
  • Visual Narrative
  • Speculative Aesthetics
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