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The Course

Digital Jewellery Design · Online

6 weeks • online option
Online Short courses
Short courses

This short course aims at providing participants with the knowledge, methodology, and skills in the use of 3D software tools for the creation of jewels characterized by a digital aesthetic.


Participants learn to conceive, design, and make jewellery pieces with a strong futuristic look. Besides, the jewels they make will be designed to be suitable for 3D printing manufacturing. They learn how to combine a strongly-contemporary attitude in design with digital technological content through the use of new technologies.


25 Oct 2021 - 03 Dec 2021
Italian · English  - Fee
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Programme Specification


Week 1

The Entrance of Jewelry Design in the Digital Scanario

Participants discover how digital transformation is shaping the future of digital jewellery. They study how digital aesthetic impacts visual culture and defines new languages. They acquire basic skills in the use of Blender for the making of digital organic modelling.

Week 2

The Use of 3D Digital Tools in Jewelry Design

Participants explore organic modelling inspired by avant-garde aesthetics and its role in shaping contemporary visual culture. They investigate the new scenario that digital technologies are opening for evolution in how to conceive and make jewellery designs. They expand their ability to use Blender in the 3D modelling and approach contemporary design jewels through it.

Week 3

Design Methodology Applied to Digital Jewelry

Participants are given a project brief for the main project and begin setting their research path. They analyze relevant information to define their project. They elaborate on the given brief and develop a personal interpretation. They progress in the use of Blender for digital organic modelling and apply to their project.

Week 4

Concept Definition

Participants work on their main project by identifying the core of their key idea for the project. They carry out form studies though digital tools as well as hand-drawings to define the concept for their design. They keep working with Blender and develop fluency in the use of advanced commands.

Week 5

Project Development

Participants make their concept to grow into the final project by developing its shape, structure, and details. They identity size, dimensions, and materials. They prepare files for 3D printing, and define the aesthetic landscape underpinning their project by making mood boards and preparing set visualizations.

Week 6

Project Finalization

Participants complete their project by finalizing all the required documentation comprising research and analysis, concept definition, product development, files suitable for 3D printing, rendering images, and project storytelling. They deliver their final presentation and, upon request, they can have their jewel pieces 3D-printed in the School laboratory.

  • Transformation of Visual Culture due to Digital Tools
  • New Design Languages enabled by the employment of 3D Software
  • Jewelry Design Methodology applied to a Digital Project
  • 3D Manufacturing for Jewelry Design
  • Exploring New Scenarios through Speculative Aesthetics
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