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The Course

Video Editing For Social Media · Online

6 weeks • online option
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Video Editing For Social Media: create professional short-form content. The course in Video Editing for Social Media is aimed at training participants’ skills in shooting and editing professional and engaging video contents earmarked for the different social media channels, by taking advantage of only their smartphones and embedded applications.


Mobile video consumption rises by +100% every year, with nearly 40% of free digital time spent by people watching videos. Given this emerging scenario, participants will learn how to conceive polished and professional short-form content and stunning videos able to create engagement. They will gain confidence with video editing, motion graphics and the latest -and coolest- visual effects, therefore developing their capability to combine in an original way art direction, copy writing and effective video storytelling.  They will also discover key notions of a social media content strategy, creating valuable posts that align with given goals and distributing them on the right platforms. 

Programme Specification


Week 1

Participants get an overview of the increasing relevance of content creation in today’s social media landscape and become familiar with related emerging opportunities and pitfalls. After an introduction to users’ behaviors across different social networks given the so-called “Attention economy” framework, the topics focus on a classification of different typologies of short-form content and the rise of personal branding as an opportunity for content creators.

Week 2

Over this week participants will gain confidence with the exciting world of digital communication and graphic design fundamentals by exploring new creative digital media content, and the evolution of image and video processing. Participants are introduced to essential applications and graphic techniques to empower their creativity. Topics will include the concept of visual identity, its distinctive elements and its declinations across different media.

Week 3

This week, participants will conceive and plan a social media content strategy, defining goals, searching for inspiration through creative research, developing the creative idea consistently and defining a work flow. Topics will include the creation of a script or a storyboard, copy writing fundamentals, the identification of the proper tone of voice, tips for creating engagement on social media feeds, specs about sizes, dimensions and ratios to social media videos.

Week 4

Over this week, participants will learn how to create professional-looking videos by using their digital camera or smartphone camera only and by following a storyboard. Topics will include: the importance of creating an engaging narrative, cinematography fundamentals, tips to follow when capturing any type of footage, use of lens and filters.  

Week 5

This week, participants will learn how to shape their footage to create engaging stories. Topics include video editing and postproduction, importing graphic elements, adding subtitles, transitions and eye-catching effects. Emphasis will be put on the importance of mastering audio editing, capturing vocals, adding music or subtitles addition. Color accents and graphic elements will be leveraged as key accents of storytelling in the visual medium.

Week 6

This week, participants will finalize their short-form content by applying their technical and creative skills, eventually verifying the alignment with the proposed goals. They will get inspiration on how to refine their social media content strategy and make their videos stand out from the crowd by creating engagement and online buzz.

  • Content creation
  • Video Editing and Post-Production
  • Insightful copy writing and creative storytelling
  • Social Media Content Strategy
  • Personal Branding
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