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Paris Couture Evolution

Art, Craftmanship and Technology at the service of the highest form of luxury fashion
One year courses

The creative mind of a fashion designer always aspires to express the essence of their personal aesthetic encompassing the limits of market, target and commercial value, transcending their ideal of Fashion into the realm of art.


The only environment where exploration, craft and extreme luxury combine to produce this kind of unique vision, Haute Couture, perpetuates this tradition of the highest expression of Fashion. Supported by constant personal and technical research, impeccable craftmanship and the drive to create “Art to Wear”, designers can concentrate on pure creation, forecasting the future of style, for the industry to follow.

This programme focuses on the creation of unique Fashion pieces through the study of the traditional Haute Couture materials, processes and embellishment, exploring the highest personal style vision to reach the core of student’s aesthetic.

10 Oct 2022 - 23 Jun 2023
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Istituto Marangoni Paris · Fashion Movie
Virtual Open Day Paris

Through in-depth personal research, virtual projections and physical experimentation, students investigate the core of their own creative drive, to express highly personal concepts in the form of refined garments and accessories. By exploring new technologies, they can inscribe their propositions in the evolution of contemporary and forward-thinking creation.

The observation of contemporary and relevant trends in luxury creation gives students a wide panorama of creation at the highest level of Fashion. Analysis of trends, brand image and development will highlight the added value that Haute Couture brings to a Fashion brand, understanding the dynamics of a multi-level offer through Ready-to-Wear and by-product launching. Students will also reflect on the codes of luxury – and how to apply them to their own potential in terms of Brand Identity.

They will frame their creation into a marketable message to bring them visibility and opportunities. While refining their personal creative and communication languages, they will develop as well a definite, unique and recognizable image by creating a professional portfolio.

  • Identity
  • Aesthetic
  • Craftmanship
  • Exploration
  • Uniqueness
  • Fashion Designer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Couturier/Tailor
  • Trend Researcher
  • Image consultant
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