Global Master for Luxury Business Professionals

Milano · London · Paris

MIP Politecnico di Milano and Istituto Marangoni have partnered to develop a joint a 12-month modular programme. Participants explore a range of subjects and topics such as management, digital transformation, marketing, sustainability, finance, and supply chain.

The luxury market has undergone a major fundamental transformation in response to the changing dynamics of the global retail environment, digital transformation, and an ever-changing economic sentiment.

Experimental retail has disrupted traditional luxury business models, and raising serious questions about retailment, E-Commerce, the future of physical stores, and the right balance of digital and physical in the fashion industry. Luxury brands have been consistently revisiting their supply chain strategies acknowledging that consumer journeys are becoming longer, fashion buying cycles shorter, and that social responsibility and sustainability are now key factors for a brand’s success.

Luxury brands have been very slow in embedding digital strategies into their business models and value chains.To generate value for both customers and stakeholders, however, it is pivotal to engage in a digital transformation that includes successful and visionary management strategies. It is vital that luxury managers are equipped with the right skills to manage a brand in a booming economy and during downturns.

Participants to this MIP Politecnico di Milano and Istituto Marangoni joint programme explore a range of subjects and topics such as management, digital transformation, marketing, sustainability, finance, and supply chain. The programme aims to equip luxury professionals with the essential skills needed to manage a brand, through an in-depth and integrated focus on the topics that bridge the gap between creative and business areas:

  • Manage a luxury brand under different scenarios, focusing on strategic, managerial, and social areas of luxury retail and industry dynamics. 
  • Design innovative strategies that capitalize on the dynamic nature of the luxury industry, to meet the current and future needs of stakeholders.
  • Transform luxury business models and value chains through a deep understanding of the complex relationships between supply chain management, disruptive innovation, pricing, experiential marketing, and digital transformation.
  • Adopt data-driven strategies to rethink the approaches and frameworks around value creation, sustainable luxury, leadership, and performance management. 

The academic structure of this master adopts advanced teaching methods based on a smart learning model involving remote live sessions, content that can be used asynchronously on the digital platform and some face-to-face learning.

Learning Focus
International Weeks
  • General Management
  • Corporate Strategy and Innovation Management
  • The International meaning of Luxury
  • Design management and collection development for luxury companies
  • Disruption in the luxury industry
  • Supply Chain and operations management
  • ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance

Three international on-location weeks built to integrate and enhance the participants’ learning experience. These study tours allow participants to experience first-hand the vibrant environment of 3 of the main world capitals of luxury and fashion: Milan, Paris and London. Through a well-balanced mix of onsite visits and in-School classes, they get the unique opportunity to further enrich their knowledge of business practices and strategic approaches in Luxury related to specific countries and their markets.

Milan Week
This week provides an immersive experience for participants, focusing on the international meaning of luxury, from both a brand and a consumer perspective. This luxury experience study tour offers first-hand insights into the Italian Luxury DNA and the value of traditional craftsmanship. 

Paris Week
The Parisian week gives participants an opportunity to learn more about the evolving value in luxury brands, with a specific focus on focus on couture, but also about the reality of big luxury conglomerates.

London Week
During their week in London, participants get to explore the dynamic environment of the new luxury industry, shaped by disruptive innovation, as well as by sustainability. They get a closer look at topics and practices linked to responsible luxury and the challenges ahead of the Industry.

This 12-month modular programme awards participants with a Master’s Degree issued from MIPPolitecnico di Milano and an Istituto Marangoni Diploma, granting 60 ECTS credits to students who successfully complete all modules.