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Jan 17, 2024

2024 fashion predictions: 6 designer pieces expected to make waves

As fashion insiders embrace the New Year amid busy schedules, we’ve taken a moment to reflect on the trends worthy of inclusion in your wardrobe. From timeless classics to innovative styles, we’re thrilled to present a curated list of 6 designer pieces that are destined to shape the fashion scene throughout 2024. 

As a team of trend-watchers, we’ve decoded the language of fashion, predicting the items that will remain popular among fashion-conscious individuals and anticipating the introduction of new pieces. Whether it’s a nod to sustainable fashion or an exploration of innovative silhouettes, the trends awaiting us in 2024 are poised to redefine the way we express ourselves through clothing. 

So, let’s find out which iconic pieces will make us dream in 2024.


It Fits Everything - The XXL Bags We Deserve

From Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2023 to Marni’s SS24 and many other fashion houses, the spotlight is now on oversized bags, hinting at a trend that is here to stay! 

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Unlike the era when everyone sported mini-bags, especially in the evening—sometimes even carrying more than one at a time—the focus is shifting. The emphasis is no longer solely on the ‘cool’ factor, where we often had to settle for a bag that couldn’t even fit a phone inside. Instead, we are seeing a revival of spacious and comfortable bags, ushering in an era where practicality and comfort take centre stage without sacrificing a touch of glamour.

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Ideal for both college and work, these XXL bags are becoming increasingly popular for everyday use as well. Could they also be a good choice for a night out? Maybe that’s a bit much, but in the unpredictable world of fashion, anything is possible!

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Beyond Bottega Veneta’s Drop: Elevate Your Look With Statement Earrings

Influencers were, and still are, enamoured with bold earrings, possessing the extraordinary ability to enhance any outfit and capture the attention of fashionistas.

The trend gained traction, mainly due to the iconic Bottega Veneta Drop earrings, which numerous other brands subsequently imitated.

@farahpinkk what i got myself for christmas ✨ #bottegavenetadropearrings #bottegalovers #statementearrings #dropearrings #christmasgift #fashiontok #luxurywishlist #luxurychristmasgifts ♬ original sound - Audie'sDream

While these earrings have basked in the spotlight in recent months, the current trend is diversifying, thanks to a myriad of earring offerings—often in metal and plated in both silver and gold—that are gaining popularity alongside the enduring appeal of the original pair.

After all, choosing a statement piece of jewellery can elevate even the simplest outfit, enabling us to stand out from the crowd—a phenomenon often referred to as the ‘power of jewellery.

@pavoi Gold jewelry simply makes every outfit better🖤 #goldjewelry #amazonjewelry #jewelrytransition #goldhoops #goldstacking #jewelrycheck ♬ original sound - 𖤐

Today’s market offers an endless array of options featuring various geometric shapes, all aiming to make a bold statement and showcase a unique aesthetic – impressive, indeed! 

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Don’t Bid Farewell to the Micro-Skirt, But Embrace Long Lengths

While miniskirts continue to be popular among some, a new fashion wave has emerged in the past year: the long skirt, especially in its denim version, worn both high and low-waisted. These skirts can be the perfect garment for any occasion—just pair them with the right top, and you’re good to go.

@bigb00biebible How to style a black maxi skirt for any occasion 🖤 #maxiskirt #styling #fullerbustinspo #fullerbustfashion #fullerbustoutfit #springfashion2023 #fyp ♬ Rude Boy Klean Remix - Klean

Numerous prominent fashion houses have proudly featured this garment on the catwalk, achieving great success and spreading a chic and practical style at the same time.

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Long skirts are not only comfortable but also versatile, making them suitable even when temperatures drop significantly. This is in contrast to short versions, which are more popular during the summer, although they can still be found in various warm materials to date.

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Nobody Wants to Run on High Stilettos (Anymore): Long Live Kitten Heels

We can say that several of these emerging trends prioritise convenience by providing practicality and comfort while also maintaining a visually appealing aesthetic.

In all honesty, high heels can make us feel insecure and sometimes keep us from fully enjoying certain moments. On the other hand, kitten heels offer unparalleled comfort, enabling us to relish every moment without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

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These shoes are incredibly versatile, striking the perfect balance between the elegance of heels and the comfort of flats, which is also why we love them so much. If you’re bold and a true fashion enthusiast, you can even pair them with ankle socks or chic knee-highs to add an extra flair to your outfit. 

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Wrap Yourself in the Cozy Embrace of an Oversized Scarf

Already a social media sensation since last year, oversized scarves have maintained their status as a coveted trend among fashion enthusiasts. Beyond providing warmth and a comforting embrace, these scarves serve as an additional layer, infusing personality into your outfits. 

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Numerous brands have enthusiastically embraced this trend, with Acne Studios’ version proving to be a major success and inspiring a multitude of imitations by other fashion houses.

There is currently an abundance of oversized scarves available in a diverse array of colours, ranging from vibrant shades to neutral tones, with a particular emphasis on luxurious mohair. What sets these scarves apart is their generous size and the unparalleled comfort they provide. 

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Indulge in the Collective Burgundy Craze: Impossible to Ignore

While Pantone has named Peach Fuzz as the colour of 2024, it is the iconic ‘Rosso Ancora,’ introduced by Gucci’s new creative director Sabato De Sarno, that has sparked a trend with enduring popularity. 

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This distinctive red hue, often described as burgundy, dark cherry, oxblood, or merlot, has garnered widespread acclaim, particularly during the Christmas holidays, infusing a seasonal aesthetic and adding a vibrant touch to even the most subdued ensembles. 

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Whether it graces a scarf, a bag, or a pair of glasses, the impact of this colour on your outfit is undeniable. Rest assured, even a subtle touch will instantly elevate your fashion quotient.

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Which of these trends are you vibing with the most and planning to wear throughout 2024? As we begin this new year, more trends may emerge, and there might be a comeback of past styles as fashion history often repeats itself. Who knows what’s next? Keep it locked to find out!



Lucrezia Spina
MA student in Fashion Omnichannel & E-Commerce, Milan