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Jan 10, 2024

Quiz time: Share your holiday habits and discover your creative type

As the Christmas holidays come to an end, we start to feel nostalgic about the time we had to relax. So, let’s take a moment to reflect, casting our minds back to those days—a brief respite before we get caught up in the busy fashion month. It may feel like it’s been a long time, but in reality, it’s been only a few days. During the holidays, we were probably spending time on our sofas, watching great films or doing other things we enjoy. Some of us may have been meticulously crafting budgetary plans for the sales season or embracing our inner geeks, exploring the myriad AI tools available. Regardless of what we did, the holiday season undeniably gave us the freedom to be creative.

Amidst festive periods, we tend to express joy, follow leisure traditions, and engage in creative pursuits that we may not have the time for during the rest of the year. But let us skip the talk and dive into this quiz test to uncover what your holiday habits reveal about your creative soul.


The Diehard Researcher

The Diehard Researcher. Collage courtesy of IM alumna and graphic designer Constanza Coscia

The Diehard Researcher. Collage courtesy of IM alumna and graphic designer Constanza Coscia

Even those who have a brief look into your life can easily recognise your passion for fashion and consider you an innovative trendsetter. You are a true connoisseur of the extraordinary, always on a ceaseless quest for hidden gems in fashion, film, and art beyond the mainstream. Your curiosity knows no bounds as you strive to discover the unique and undiscovered in every aspect of life.

@_rachsimon Since I spend hours every week discovering new brands, I thought I better share. Should I do a part 2? #emergingbrands #emergingfashion #fashiontiktok #greenscreen ♬ original sound - Rachel Simon

Your festive season wasn’t a mere break; it was an avant-garde odyssey. From watching indie films to exploring university libraries, visiting obscure art exhibitions, to discovering treasure troves of bookstores, you left no stone unturned. And let’s not forget those epic journeys to off-the-grid boutiques on the city’s fringes, showcasing experimental brands. Although your entourage might occasionally get lost or bored, you’re their muse, inspiring them to view the world as an ever-unfolding voyage of exploration and appreciation for its diverse and unique offerings.


The Luxury Saver

The Luxury Saver. Collage courtesy of Constanza Coscia

The Luxury Saver. Collage courtesy of Constanza Coscia

Are you the master at finding stellar deals from your favourite brands? If so, welcome to the club of savvy shoppers! Your passion isn’t just about flaunting luxury fashion but also about being smart with your money. Timing is your secret weapon, and you’ve mastered the art of seizing the perfect shopping moment. 

@rebecaoksana heres what i think will be trending in 2024 lemme hear your thoughts 🎀🎀🎀 #2024trends #2024fashiontrends #2024fashionprediction ♬ original sound - rebeca oksana

For you, it’s not just a casual spree; it’s a mission. As the holiday season approaches, you meticulously orchestrate your purchases well in advance of the anticipated discount days. With a comprehensive list of item codes, you are ready to be one of the first to conquer e-commerce platforms precisely at the stroke of midnight, poised to capitalise on the eagerly awaited discounts.


The Social (Network) Socialite 

The Social (Network) Socialite. Collage courtesy of Constanza Coscia

Do you find yourself spending most of your time on your smartphone, either sharing every detail of your day or keeping up with the latest TikTok trends? Did you jump on the Threads bandwagon the moment it was released? When dining out, do you struggle to eat your food warm as you aim for the perfect Insta-worthy pic of your dish? And heaven forbid your travels take you to the mountains—poor internet will dampen your mood, right? We’re definitely feeling some social media star vibes here. 

@michellekatzd And always those friends who get annoyed at you 😂 #foodie #foodblogger ♬ La dolce vita (In via Veneto) - Remastered 2017 - Carlo Savina

Don’t fret if your friends take you to remote places; you’ve got connectivity tricks up your sleeve to keep your audience in the loop in real time. Or, maybe it’s time to switch up the squad.


The Holiday Art Wizard 

The Holiday Art Wizard. Collage courtesy of Constanza Coscia

The Holiday Art Wizard. Collage courtesy of Constanza Coscia

‘Tis the season for your home to morph into an enchanting gallery, a testament to your artistic wizardry. Whether you’re an emerging designer on the rise or an up-and-coming stylist making waves, the holiday vibe allows you to create beautiful artworks that mirror your intuitive creativity, turning everything you touch into a mesmerising masterpiece.

@sandysleiman1 wall decor with simple affordable materials all u need ice cream sticks any spray paint color of ur choice wooden skewers bottle cover glue . . #homedecor #homemade #imadethis #homedecorforless #decorforyou #homeinspo #homedecorinspo #homeinspo4you #homeaccount #walldecor #homeaccessories ♬ Autumn Leaves - Johnny "Guitar“ Watson

But hold on, it doesn’t stop at decorating your living space—it’s a full-blown festive takeover! Your personal touch extends beyond the four walls, reaching into the gifts you craft with meticulous care. Get ready to impress your loved ones with your wow factor, leaving lucky recipients in awe of your thoughtful and uniquely crafted creations.


The Anti-Grinch 

The Anti-Grinch. Collage courtesy of Constanza Coscia

The Anti-Grinch. Collage courtesy of Constanza Coscia

Embracing the festive spirit, you effortlessly infuse your home (or room) with holiday decor and iconic festive tunes, fully immersing yourself in the season’s mood. 

@hollyjai_ christmas hairstyles pt2♥️ #christmashairstyles #christmashair #christmashairstyle #holidayhairstyle #holidayhairinspo #christmashairinspo #hairinspo #christmaslook #hairribbon ♬ Now That We Don't Talk (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault) - Taylor Swift

As the holiday season approaches, you eagerly embrace your cherished traditions, and you delight in preparing your favourite Christmas recipes and dressing up in festive red attire. Those around you can’t help but notice your unwavering dedication to these customs! The thought of friends and family lacking Christmas enthusiasm is unimaginable to you. No room for Grinches in your festive haven!

Take some time to explore the spectrum of holiday habits, and consider which profile resonates with you the most. But before you decide, have an honest conversation with your closest friends—those who will tell the truth even about your quirkiest habits – to bring some reality to your festive self-discovery. And why not take this quiz together? Sharing is caring, and it’s always a good idea!



Lucrezia Spina
MA student in Fashion Omnichannel & E-Commerce, Milan