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Oct 18, 2023

Secret destinations for vintage shopping in Paris like a true Parisienne

According to Parisian folklore, a quality vintage store is often kept a secret by locals, much like a beloved bakery, to maintain its authenticity and avoid overcrowding. Luckily, some of my vintage-loving friends have shared the locations of their favourite vintage stores, friperies and flea markets.

Exploring vintage boutiques in Paris is not just about finding unique pieces; it’s about embracing the art of fashion and celebrating the craftsmanship of bygone eras. It’s a chance to step away from fast fashion and its trends and create a personal style that stands out from the crowd. 

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Paris is a treasure trove of hidden vintage boutiques, where people can find all kinds of unique pieces of fashion

Paris, the leading city of the Big Four, is renowned for its high-end designer stores as well as its hidden gems - vintage boutiques. Stepping into these boutiques is like embarking on a journey through time and style, where every clothing item has its own unique story to tell. While Le Marais is famous for its thrift stores, known as friperies in French, second-hand and vintage clothing shops are plentiful throughout the magnificent city of Paris.

Thanx God I’m a V.I.P. is one of the most iconic vintage boutiques in Paris, located in the vibrant 10ème arrondissement at 12 Rue de Lancry. The store, named after the famous Parisian TGV parties of the 90s, organised by its founder, Sylvie Chateigneris, is a treasure trove of unique and carefully curated vintage pieces. The boutique, which has a first store dedicated to women and a second to men, opened a third space two years ago, focused on decoration, with its braderieselection including clothes between 5 and 30 euros. All the premises have been designed with ‘a bazaar and antiques spirit’ in mind. From elegant dresses from the 1920s to funky disco-era jumpsuits, Thanx God I’m a V.I.P. offers something for every fashion enthusiast. Stepping into this boutique feels like discovering a secret time capsule.

One of the most iconic vintage boutiques in Paris, Thanx God I'm a V.I.P. has something unique for every person into fashion

Thanx God I'm a V.I.P. was named after the famous Parisian TGV parties of the 90s, and their funky identity shines through their social media

Another must-visit vintage boutique is Kiliwatch Paris. Tucked away in the charming 2ème arrondissement neighbourhood (64 rue Tiquetonne), it was founded in 1996 and is considered to be the first store that has introduced ‘independent corners’ inside. Kiliwatch offers a curated selection of vintage clothing and accessories from various eras, organised by colour and style. From classic Chanel handbags to retro-printed silk scarves, this boutique is a paradise for those seeking timeless style and individuality. There are also sections for new clothes, a fashion and design bookstore, and denim and sneakers sections for those who prefer more casual fashion. 

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Kiliwatch offers a curated selection of vintage pieces, ranging from Chanel handbags to retro-printed scarves
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Kiliwatch's selection of clothes is varied and there is something for everyone, like these vintage Nascar jackets

For those who appreciate luxury vintage, Didier Ludot is a name that resonates throughout the fashion world. Situated under the charming arcades of the Palais Royal, Didier Ludot is renowned for its collection of haute couture vintage pieces. The founder, considered one of the world’s leading collectors of vintage clothing and accessories, has earned an international reputation through his boutique, whose themed displays pay tribute to the most iconic fashion designers, including  Dior, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent. As you explore the racks, you can’t help but imagine the glamorous events these garments have witnessed and the influential people who wore them.

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Didier Ludot offers an incredible collection of haute couture vintage pieces, and its founder has has earned an international reputation through his boutique

You can find the three locations mentioned (and many others) by discovering our “Paris Vintage Clothes” map: Read on and save this map for a complete selection of second-hand stores powered by a true Parisienne.

So, the next time you find yourself in the enchanting streets of Paris, take a detour from the mainstream boutiques and immerse yourself in the world of vintage fashion. Let these hidden gems inspire you, and discover the magic that lies within the walls of Paris’ vintage boutiques.



Ayleen Jiménez
MA in Fashion Promotion Communication & Digital Media, Paris