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Mar 06, 2024

The 5 feminist t-shirts to demand the empowerment we need

Luxury brands have often garnered acclaim for harnessing fashion shows, campaigns, and seasonal wardrobes as potent platforms to amplify feminist ideals and spark social change. Through their designs and events, they fervently advocate for gender equality, inclusivity, and female empowerment, catalysing a revolutionary movement within and beyond the industry. Fearlessly challenging conventional norms, they champion diversity, intersectionality, and women’s rights, paving the way for an inclusive and equitable future.

In addition to social media posts and pre-show interviews, slogans on clothing play a crucial role in raising awareness and fostering consciousness in the ongoing fight against sexism, patriarchy, and all manifestations of gender oppression.

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This indicates that the fight isn’t confined to the streets but also extends to the catwalks and should encompass various other contexts, reinforcing a clear and unwavering message: gender equality is non-negotiable.

Brands use various methods to convey messages that encourage critical reflection, and one of them is through simple T-shirts. Despite their basic nature, T-shirts serve as ubiquitous canvases for thoughts, reflections, and even satire on contemporary issues. Remember the trend of T-shirts adorned with phrases that captivated teenagers not long ago? This trend epitomised a fashion moment from the Y2K era, leaving an indelible mark on style. These T-shirts, often featuring minimalist designs to emphasise the text, serve as vehicles for incorporating bold pro-rights statements into everyday attire. By doing so, they not only shape fashion trends but also infuse crucial messages into the fabric of daily life.

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Get inspired! These 5 feminist T-shirts boast empowering slogans, sparking awareness and championing this vital cause with unwavering determination. 


“We Should All Be Feminists” by Dior

In Dior’s womenswear spring-summer 2017 collection, creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri boldly championed the feminist theme by showcasing a t-shirt emblazoned with the powerful declaration “We Should All Be Feminists.”

This courageous statement marked a stride towards manifesting a world where gender equality isn’t merely an aspiration but an undeniable reality.

The designer consistently champions women by collaborating with them and leveraging her role in the fashion system to share feminist quotes, insights, and personal perspectives. Through her work, public presence, and social profiles, she strives to ignite awareness among her audience and cultivate a community dedicated to advancing gender equality.


“Strong Like a Woman” by Melidé

Melidé, a proudly Made in Italy brand, epitomises inclusion, quality, and sustainability. Renowned for their t-shirts adorned with various writings and designs, Melidé celebrates and supports the female universe with passion.

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However, the slogan “Strong Like a Woman” prompts a deeper examination of societal norms, where strength is often narrowly associated with masculinity. This bias not only undermines the inherent resilience of women but also restricts emotional expression for men, perpetuating harmful stereotypes. Melidè aims to challenge these conventions, fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment across genders. 


“Our Minds, Our Bodies, Our Power” by Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung, a New York-based brand bearing the name of its Nepalese-American founder, boldly champions women’s autonomy to set their standards and advocate for their rights. This potent message was boldly displayed on t-shirts during his February 2017 fashion show and remains influential today.

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In the fall-winter season of 2017, Gurung utilised his runway as a stage to amplify the women’s voices. Being a man, it was a significant stance that made his efforts even more powerful. One of the empowering slogans he envisioned for a woman’s t-shirt encapsulated this sentiment succinctly: “Our Minds, Our Bodies, Our Power.”


“Raise Boys and Girls the Same Way” by Stella McCartney

Since the very beginning of her career, British fashion designer Stella McCartney has been a staunch supporter of various causes, spanning from sustainability to gender equality. One striking example is the t-shirt boldly proclaiming, “Raise Boys and Girls the Same Way.”

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Throughout the years, Stella McCartney has adeptly employed simple pieces like t-shirts as manifestos for a wide range of issues.

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Collaborating with diverse associations and leveraging social media, the brand consistently shares potent messages to raise awareness on crucial topics, including gender equality. 


“No Gender Anymore!” by Chakshyn

Founded by Ukrainian designers Chayun and Yakshyn, Chakshyn explores the duality between masculine and feminine, as reiterated on its Instagram profile with the phrase “Womenswear inspired by menswear.” The brand was awarded the title of best women’s fashion brand in Ukraine in 2018.

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Popular among international influencers and magazines, Chakshyn utilises its platform to advocate for peace, freedom, and equality. The brand posts messages on social media and catwalks, with a notable example being the t-shirt advocating for “No Gender Anymore!”


Have you ever considered incorporating a message similar to those featured on these t-shirts into your style? If you were to create one, what slogan or graphic would you choose to embody the values of inclusivity, acceptance, respect, understanding, and unity? We collectively acknowledge these principles as essential in nurturing a more harmonious and equitable society, so the time has come to express them boldly.



Lucrezia Spina
MA alumna in Fashion Omnichannel & E-Commerce, Milan