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Istituto Marangoni launches a new Mentorship Project with Alessio Vannetti


Istituto Marangoni launches a new Mentorship Project with Alessio Vannetti

Under his guidance, students will develop an innovative brand strategy for an emerging market, with an eye to Gen Z and the digital world
27 March 2023

Alessio Vannetti, Chief Brand Officer at Valentino, is the Mentor who will work alongside students in the Master in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management programme at Istituto Marangoni in Milan with the "VISION + VALUES = BRANDING" Mentorship project over the next few months.

Luxury Brand Management students will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting and challenging project: Vannetti has asked them to work on an innovative and successful brand strategy for an emerging market, focusing their research on Ready To Wear, one of the most important product categories for Valentino, and the analysis of competitors and the retail scenario, with a particular focus on the digital world and trends embraced by Millennials and Gen Z.

Vannetti invited the students to work on various aspects of brand strategy, from merchandising to co-branding, brand extension and innovative storytelling, holistic communication and omnichannel strategy, providing the participants with a compelling educational experience and enabling them to gain valuable skills and knowledge for their future careers.


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