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Expanded Universes


Expanded Universes

The latest frontiers in virtual reality design and the Metaverse at Design Week 2022
06 June 2022

Again this year Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Design will be at Salone del Mobile, the most crucial week of the year for the Design industry, inviting all Design enthusiasts to Milan from 6th to 12th June 2022. The theme will be “Between Space and Time”, two interconnected dimensions affected by profound changes.

For the 60th Design Week, the School boutique on 24 Via Cerva will open its doors to the public and invite the whole city to “Expanded Universes”, a lineup of events and exhibitions by Istituto Marangoni. In recent years, the school’s avant-garde research centre has reworked its projects, curricular and extracurricular activities to integrate real and virtual experiences. 

The virtual dimension is expanding more and more, expanding the true “heart” of design in its meaning and way of working, paving the way for new forms of creative expression that are rapidly taking off.

The activities will start from the hub on Via Cerva, where the Design School will set up “Explore Cappellini Multiverse”, dedicated to Giulio Cappellini, Art Director & Brand Ambassador at Istituto Marangoni. It is a tribute to the Brand and the Talent Scout who has believed, followed and developed projects along with the school’s young talented students for more than 10 years. 

The building on Via Cerva will also host “Discovering The Future”, the highly anticipated and traditional Degree Show of the 9 best projects in Product, Interior and Visual Design for the school year 2020/2021.

Both exhibitions are curated by Matteo Agati, Designer and member of the Prisma Project. His exhibition proposals summarised the strong interconnectedness between real and digital, two dimensions that embrace a neutral, timeless and almost immaterial space, where curiosity for the future proves to be the perfect key to understanding.

Both exhibitions will be open from June 1st.

The highly anticipated “white night”, on the other hand, is taking place on June 8th. The School of Design will open its doors to dance to Chiara Luzzana – the Sound Artist & Sound Designer who worked with students to create the Istituto Marangoni audio logo and official soundtrack – and to preview a docufilm of this Sound Branding project. 

The streets of the Durini Design District, of which Istituto Marangoni Milano is a Cultural Education Partner, will also be filled with events. Events and projects will come to life along the city streets to embrace the latest trends. It will be possible to experience first-hand the creativity and innovation of projects by the School’s young artists, starting with the “Layered TransparencyExhibition, the augmented reality museum of projects developed by members of the Prisma Project in partnership with Snapchat. The exhibition will be digitally geo-localised through three-dimensional virtual works in several iconic district locations starting June 6th.

On June 9th, another member of the Prisma Project, Silvio Pompei, will be awarded the winner of the Contest launched by NAVA Design, entitled “Contemporary Mobility”. The competition aimed to focus on the evolutionary trends of people and their accessories, adapting to new eras and new transport systems.

The ceremony will be at 6:30 pm at the NAVA Design Showroom on Via Durini 2.

To discover the projects of students, Alumni and the best creatives of the Prisma Project, don’t miss the “Expanded Beauty” exhibition in Piazza Gae Aulenti. From June 6th, at the IBM Studios, you will be able to visit the first exhibition of Cappellini-branded NFT projects, the result of the collaboration and consultancy of Istituto Marangoni Prisma Project members for the renowned design brand.

Finally, explore the “1367 • Divining Design TrendsExhibition in the spaces of SuperStudio on 27, Via Tortona. In this phygital installation, a virtual fortune teller will read the cards of future Design trends identified as part of the Design School’s research and experimentation programme. The resulting ideas will contribute to the entire design community, feed emerging designers’ creativity, and encourage them to question themselves about our changing world.

Last year’s forecasting project continues with new additions, following up on issues already identified and linked to the virtual world, the metaverse, gamification, and NFTs.

To make sure you don’t miss out, download the complete schedule at this link and follow Istituto Marangoni • The School of Design on Instagram to keep to date.



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