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Istituto Marangoni announces the winners of the scholarships in collaboration with Vogue Italia and AD Italia


Istituto Marangoni announces the winners of the scholarships in collaboration with Vogue Italia and AD Italia

20 June 2024

In April, Istituto Marangoni launched a scholarship contest to support international talent scouting and reward young creatives

The initiative is a collaboration with Vogue Italia and AD Italia, and is open to schools in Milan and Florence, offering young creatives a unique opportunity to showcase their skills and receive tangible support for their training.

The three contests have led to the discovery of three new talents who will start their careers in fashion, art, fragrances or design at Istituto Marangoni Milan and Florence schools in October 2024. 


Istituto Marangoni Firenze The School of Fashion & Art

The Firenze School of Fashion & Art is happy to announce Ndeyfatou Ceesay as the winner of the contest in collaboration with Vogue Italia for Fashion Art and Textile Innovation Master's Course.

Ndeyfatou Ceesay, originally from Gambia, has an interdisciplinary background that spans fashion, footwear, fine arts, and digital art.

Aspiring students were asked to come up with a creative project that explored the new 2024/25 trends in fashion and art through a selection of images and a 500-word text.

In the research presented by Ndeyfatou, concepts such as sustainability, digital innovation, and artificial intelligence convey his vision for future trends, encapsulated within a project that speaks of new technologies and craftsmanship, combined with art and experimentation: «For my project, I decided to focus on natural dyes and to use African cotton. The natural dyes I decided to use are Kola nuts, sorrel and palm. I am an experimental artist and this was very inspiring for me. I also showed off my artistic skills and translated art into fabrics, which was a lot of fun». 


Istituto Marangoni Milano The School of Fashion 

Naz Ozalin, of Turkish origin, won the "Fashion and Music: Creative Harmony" contest launched by the Milano School of Fashion. This year, in collaboration with Vogue Italia, the contest explored the relationship between fashion and music, two worlds that appear to be distant but actually share many aspects and continuously influence each other. 

With his project, Naz has explored the connections between fashion and music by analysing their mutual influences, trends and the most successful collaborations that have shown how both sides can benefit from this synergy.

Fashion and music always complement each other, whether it's creating a soundtrack for a fashion show or collaborating for a specific campaign. Naz analysed the crucial role of choosing the right soundtrack and musical elements related to the heritage and mood of the brand or the collection in question, which enhance and enrich the collection. 

The future student will enrol in the new three-year course in Fragrances & Cosmetics starting in October 2024. Driven by her passion for the beauty industry, she explored the link between music, luxury brands, and the world of fragrances and cosmetics, emphasising the role of music in branding activities and highlighting its ability to create unique atmospheres and convey emotions.

Thanks to her brilliant project, Naz has received a scholarship for the three-year Fragrances & Cosmetics Product and Communication course starting next autumn at the Milano School of Fashion. This course will allow her to gain in-depth knowledge of various sectors and markets within the beauty industry and explore synergies and influences with fashion and design. Throughout the three-year programme, students will be able to develop their skills in managing product and brand development by working closely with professionals in the field. 


Istituto Marangoni Milan The School of Design 

Finally, the winner of "Designing the Future", the contest launched by the School of Design of Istituto Marangoni Milano in partnership with AD Italia, is Roberto Di Michele, a future student of the Master’s in Digital Art Direction. Roberto, an Italian native, has always been passionate about the world of design and art direction. After moving to the Netherlands to pursue studies in marketing and communication, he decided to further his education at Istituto Marangoni Milano The School of Design to turn his passion into his career.

Participants were asked to represent their vision of humanity's future through three creative images. Roberto took a different approach with his project, "Awareness 2374", a communication campaign that encourages users to contemplate the impact of their actions through a set of AI-created images that mirror the recent social and global changes. 

«The main objective of the campaign is to make viewers reflect and bring them into a dimension where they can actually see the consequences of decisions taken in the past and where this has led them today», says Roberto about the project that enabled him to obtain a scholarship for a Master's degree in Digital Art Direction, thus beginning his path to becoming a professional in the field of digital communication.

Istituto Marangoni Milano The School of Fashion & Design and Istituto Marangoni Firenze are happy to welcome new students who will begin their academic journeys in fashion, luxury, art, and design.

Welcome Ndeyfatou, Naz and Roberto!

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