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Fragrances & Cosmetics Product and Communication

Discover the magic alchemy between fashion and beauty
BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses · Bachelor of Arts

The course focuses on all the Beauty industries and markets – Fragrances, Make-up, Skincare, Hairstyling, Wellness – deepening their synergies with the worlds of Fashion and Design. The supply chains of each sector are critically investigated, from raw materials to consumer behaviors. As a result, students learn to manage product development, marketing, and operations, implementing creative and strategic solutions consistent with sustainability, inclusivity and digital transformation goals.


The course investigates the world of Beauty and its contaminations with Fashion, also exploring the synergies with Design. The consumer markets of Fragrances and Cosmetics are approached at international level, understanding the aesthetic, symbolic and ritual practices revolving around personal appearance and wellness. Students learn the history of aesthetic trends, social anthropology and psychology, acquiring the cultural background necessary to approach consumer behavior, branding and communication. The editorial environment of beauty is examined too, creating beauty magazines and editorials with the support of subjects as journalism, photography, creative direction and styling. The domain of communication is also explored through brand storytelling, advertising, media planning, digital & engagement marketing.

23 Sep 2024
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Bachelor's degree (180 CFA equivalent to 180 ECTS credits) recognized by the Ministry of University and Research

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Students reinforce their strategic mindset discovering all the Beauty industry business models, understanding the fundamental role of licensing for the production and marketing of perfume and cosmetic lines of Fashion Houses. Moreover, they learn to manage innovation, from the identification of consumer needs to the control of technological-production and operations. As a result, they acquire a technical expertise on project management, product development, sourcing and supply chain management. Finally, they experiment with new expressive languages within new immersive and digital platforms, with the support of technologies such as artificial intelligence or virtual reality.

  • Historical, anthropological, psychological and sociological dynamics related to various domains of personal appearance and self-care, including beauty, adornment, fashion, styling and wellness.
  • Fragrance & Cosmetics industries and markets: competitive dynamics and consumer behaviors in Skincare, Haircare, Make-Up, Perfumes, and Wellness.
  • Managing processes and operations related to design, merchandising, sourcing, manufacturing, buying, distributing, branding and promoting perfumes and cosmetic products, in synergy with the fashion industry.
  • Developing and implementing creative, aesthetic and strategic solutions in Fashion, Fragrances and Cosmetics industries, consistently with sustainability, inclusivity and digital transformation objectives.
  • Supply chain: Product Manager; Merchandiser; Operation Manager; Omnichannel Manager; Buyer.
  • Marketing: Marketing Manager; Brand Manager; Licensing Manager; Diversity and Inclusion Manager.
  • Communication: Communication Manager; Digital Content Manager; PR & Events manager; Beauty Editor.
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