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The Course

Fragrances & Cosmetics Management

Bridge creativity and branding techniques in the cosmetic industry
BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses · Bachelor of Arts

This programme targets candidates aspiring to a career in the brand and/or product management fields within the fragrance and cosmetic industry. It will cover every aspect of the brand and product managers’ role, including motivating consumers, creating desire, building trust, merchandising, product development, marketing, branding and communication skills to build a successful brand vision and strategy and reach new markets.


This full-time three-year programme provides comprehensive knowledge of the lifecycle of luxury-level perfume and cosmetic products, with valuable insights into product development, storytelling and industry-specific brand management strategies. The plan of study combines theory and hands-on practice to promote interaction between all those involved in creating and marketing fragrances and beauty products, including skincare and make-up.

Students will explore critical issues related to the planning, development, production, omnichannel distribution, buying, branding and marketing of fragrances and cosmetics with a focus on licensing. They will learn to combine creative acumen, technical expertise and strategic thinking, turning imaginative ideas into successful products.

01 Oct 2024
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Regent’s University London

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At the end of the programme, candidates take certification tests. If successful, they will receive the French state-recognized professional certificate level 6 "Responsable de la stratégie marketing et commerciale de mode". The certification is registered within the RNCP by decision of France Compétences as of 17/11/2017. In addition, in order to facilitate the academic recognition of the knowledge and skills acquired during their academic programme, they will acquire 180 ECTS credits. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the information office of the Paris School.

Programme Specification

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With dedicated learning modules on branding strategies, fragrance product design, history of perfumery and cosmetics, nose training techniques alongside production and communication processes, sociology, anthropology and psychology, participants will have the unique opportunity to build an extensive skillset to manage every aspect of product and brand development. Students will learn how to adapt communication, marketing and promotional techniques to reach sales goals and apply key strategies for perfumery and beauty businesses.

As they progress into their three-year programme, the focus will expand to include intangible elements – customer relationships, the impact of social media and creating engaging consumer experiences – along with more tangible branding elements, such as product attributes (quality, features, and design), the difference between brand image and brand identity, packaging, and labelling. An additional focus is placed on economics and finance; participants learn to measure profitability, ensure compliance with budgets and strategies, and implement specific cost control systems. By examining the cultural, social, and historical dynamics in the fragrance and cosmetics markets, they will also understand the influence of trends and the tastes and habits differences in many countries and their impact on sales performance.

The programme will also provide an overview of current issues affecting the industry, including sustainability, inclusivity, and digital transformation, leading to a deep understanding of cosmetic products’ social and environmental impact to foster a sustainable approach. Experienced managers will mentor participants so they can acquire problem-solving skills through case-based learning.

  • Branding strategies for luxury beauty products
  • Research methods and trend analysis
  • Packaging design
  • Olfactory and nose training techniques and experiences
  • Economics and marketing strategies

The course aims to enable participants to acquire the necessary skills to access management roles in luxury fragrance and cosmetic industry, from distribution to communication to perfume and beauty marketing. They will develop unique industry-specific tools and be prepared to work as:

  • Brand Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Trade Marketing Manager
  • Communication Manager
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