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The Design Degree Show Celebrates the best works from the School of Design


The Design Degree Show Celebrates the best works from the School of Design

The showcase of the best projects of 2022/2023 academic year
09 April 2024

The Design Degree Show will present, through an unprecedented itinerary, the top projects of the 3-year students who have focused on the research theme "Sentient Horizons", aimed at exploring how interior, product, and visual design can interpret the new horizons of human evolution.

At the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, as humanity prepares to return to the Moon as an intermediate phase of a broader program of space exploration aimed at bringing humans to Mars, the metaverse grows, promising to expand the social and experiential human scenario beyond physical limits. Artificial intelligence and big data make it possible to detect emerging phenomena that would be impossible to perceive from a human perspective alone; investigation becomes action in its new form.

The exhibition will be open during Design Week 2024 from April 9 to April 21, from 10 am to 9 pm at the headquarters of Via Cerva, 24, Istituto Marangoni Milano The School of Design, illustrating the in-depth research conducted by students and the various design interpretations that the investigation has sparked.

The Interior Design department has reflected on the possibility of extending the boundaries of humanity into the surrounding space in a potential interplanetary future. "Spaced Proximity" has imagined the interaction between the contemporary real environment and a futuristic vision of both artificial and natural environments that simulate terrestrial conditions and allow for new forms of life. The analysis of regenerative systems, robotic approaches, and advanced technologies will be valuable references for pioneering designers.

The Product Design department has explored the phenomenon of humanoid robots, such as Ameca by Engineered Arts, which exhibit such a high level of "humanity" as to be unsettling, due to the phenomenon called the "uncanny valley." The presence of robots in our lives is destined to increase in the near future, thus posing an aesthetic question that involves the design culture since, to "feel" more human, robotic objects must appear less human, requiring a specific aesthetic strategy built upon the traditions of high-quality design.

The Visual Design department has focused on the latest changes in visual culture, referring to images and visual experiences designed to be explored, not just touched and looked at. "Deep Imaging" invokes the mind's third dimension of space as it applies to environments that outline a new horizon capable of scanning, perceiving, and interacting, ultimately engaging with human experience and its visionary opportunities. Encoding visions, sounds, smells, tastes, surfaces ultimately means telling stories, as humans have done throughout their evolution, to shape cultures, knowledge, and experiences in a world yet to come.

These projects demonstrate the young generations' ability to think critically and conduct in-depth research, reflecting the School of Design's commitment to promoting innovative and forward-thinking design.

The Design Degree Show is curated by Matteo Agati, Designer & Prisma Project Member, and Riccardo Lucii, Multidisciplinary Designer & Prisma Project Member, both Alumni of the School of Design and at this link it's possible to register for visitng it from April, 9th at Via Cerva, 24!

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