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The role of Digital Designers is one of the most interesting ones for companies


The role of Digital Designers is one of the most interesting ones for companies

Career Days showed how companies are increasingly interested in designers who can create memorable and immersive phygital experiences
21 August 2023

What professions will be in demand in the future? What skills will future designers need to have? What is the significance of augmented reality? During Career Days, companies expressed a clear desire for individuals who can create environments that elevate the customer experience beyond just purchase to a complete immersive experience.

Students of the Master in Digital Design for Immersive Experiences have attracted the interest of various companies, with an impressive average of 8 interviews per student. Moreover, four talented individuals have secured positions in high-profile brands: Sharon Franco is working for Ferragamo, Ludovica Messina has joined Lombardini 22, Chiara Larcher has found a role at Monogrid and Jacopo Neppi at CP Company.

Technology has transformed our society, and consumers are no longer satisfied with just a pleasant environment and attention to detail; they seek something extra that can engage, surprise and delight them. 

In today's world, it is crucial for businesses and projects to create immersive experiences that engage users and keep their attention. Istituto Marangoni Milano The School of Design is helping bridge the gap between companies and students by offering a Master's programme in Digital Design for Immersive Experiences. This course will train professionals to reimagine brand experiences and spaces by employing motion sensors, interactive technologies, and audio installations to increase user engagement.

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