The art of exhibiting. In partnership with Atelier de Sèvres.

Master's Course**

1 Oct 2018 - 7 Jun 2019
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enrolment fee € 5.500
tuition fee € 16.120

** Courses taught in Firenze are awarded an Istituto Marangoni diploma.

Programme Specification

Curators are the interpreters of time, framing ‘moments’ in the evolution of a work of art or theme, or for a brand, style or collection of garments. Art and fashion are two worlds that borrow from, and recognise one another, connecting aspects of cultural, artistic, social and economic relevance through visual representation.

This one year postgraduate level Curatorial Management course provides advanced knowledge in curating, learning how to interpret both art and fashion and also connecting them with contemporary artistic events and themed exhibitions. Curatorial management juggles the relationship between theoretical thinking and visual creation.

Participants begin studying the multifaceted history of art, as well as luxury brands, with an in-depth knowledge of the history of museology, dress, cinema and photography, and the evolution of curatorial practices from early private collections to the birth of the most important museums and exhibitions.
They analyse the fundamental tools of curatorial work, looking at the day-to-day operations and research methodologies. They learn how to put together a theme and follow all parameters in the development of the project from its concept, the selection of products, space, location, layout, calendar, etc., as well as reflecting brand, individual client or company identity in the visual representation. Attention will be given to heritage exhibitions in art, textiles and fashion collections; exhibitions that become important company assets, adding value to the identity of many luxury brands today. As well as curatorial maintenance practices, cataloguing, artefact handling, museography, and luxury heritage management, participants also study communication, marketing and public relations for heritage projects. Budget management is key – with professional guidance in financial and administrative management where careful and often difficult decisions need to be made when considering the financial aspects of a curatorial project.


** Courses taught in Firenze are awarded an Istituto Marangoni diploma.


• Art and cultural planner
• Art curator/museum curator
• Art entrepreneur
• Event/exhibition manager
• Art retailer
• Arts administrator


• Art and fashion history
• Luxury brands and heritage management
• Curatorial practices and cataloguing
• Event planning and management
• Art PR and marketing
• Budgeting & exhibition costs
• Museology, museography
• Professional research methods
• Individual/group projects
• Field trips

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