Master's Course

12 Oct 2020 - 18 Jun 2021
15 Feb 2021 - 24 Sep 2021
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enrolment fee € 5.500
tuition fee EU € 22.000
tuition fee non-EU € 23.000

Programme Specification

This course is designed for students wanting to acquire advanced skills in furniture and product design in order to become professionals able to combine creativity with innovation using a Made in Italy approach. Characterised by Italy’s famed emphasis on research and innovation, this course provides students with a unique strategic ability to interpret socio-cultural developments through aesthetic research and experimentation with new technologies, in order to produce elegant, highly functional designs.

Through lectures and design activities, students will learn how to navigate the design process from start to finish, combining technological skills with aesthetic experimentation to create highly innovative products. Through lessons on design tools, students will learn how to use software to create 3D models and professional-level product presentations.

The course, designed by Giulio Cappellini, Art Director and Brand Ambassador of Istituto Marangoni, will be divided into three distinct terms, in each of which students will be assigned a research project in collaboration with a designer and a company.

The first term project will see the collaboration between Elena Salmistraro, one of the most interesting names of the new generation of Italian design, and Moroso, an important brand in Italian design that has been able to reconcile artisan and tailoring know-how with industrial production processes.

Philippe Nigro, French designer who divides his business between Italy and France, defining his professional identity through the union of these two cultures will be protagonists, and Alias, a leading company in the development of furniture systems for the contemporary world. The research project will investigate new possible furnishing solutions that favor fluid work, integrating remote and proximity situations, private spaces and work environments.

The third project will see the involvement of Moreno Vannini of the Studio Nendo. A match of opposites that aims to combine Nendo’s clean and minimalist approach with Alessi’s distinctive ability to combine playful lightness and cultural depth in highly iconic objects.

During the course, students will be involved in a series of research projects with a strong focus on innovation, in collaboration with some of the most successful design brands in Italy. These research projects will be overseen by international designers and supported by a teaching body composed of experts in the various disciplines involved in professional design. Students will find themselves at the heart of a highly stimulating and fully immersive educational environment, with a focus on the authentic relationship between research and design, in line with the practices employed by some of the biggest international design partners today.

With specific insights into project culture and the current design scene, and a unique analysis of design language, students will learn how to define products from a cultural, social and market-based perspective. Technical skills and specific research into colour palettes, materials and their application will allow students to define their own personal approach, characterised by originality, individuality and high professional standards.

Throughout the year, students will have the opportunity to attend a number of design events in Milan, the international capital of design, where they’ll learn about project culture both within the Institute, which is an active part of Milan’s design network, and in the many spaces and showrooms run by leading brands in the immediate vicinity and in the beating heart of the design district. Students will also have the opportunity to attend Milan Furniture Fair and Milan Design Week in person, which are two of the largest and most imitated design events in the world, and see thousands of exhibitions gather to deliver product presentations over the course of one week.

Students who successfully complete the programmes taught in Milano and Firenze will be awarded an Istituto Marangoni certificate.


  • Product and furniture design innovation
  • Strategic product design and furnishing accessories
  • Technological experimentation
  • Material research
  • Applying product colours and finishes
  • Production methods in design
  • Design tools
  • Analysis of modern and contemporary Italian design
  • Study and definition of design languages
  • Culture of design and new scenarios


  • Furniture designer
  • Product designer
  • Product development manager
  • Design director
  • CMF expert for product design

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