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The Course

Design Management & Strategic Innovation

Plan, deliver, and build a design strategy for design-intensive company
Master's Degrees · Master's Courses · Master of Arts

Developing strategies for design-intensive company operating in the field of product and furniture design, with a specific focus on business and innovation. Strategic thinking applied to product branding, design marketing, and social media communication, with a specialization in design identity. Integrating design-driven innovation into the business management and identifying keys values to leverage to favor company’s positioning and growth.


This unique postgraduate level course encourages and nurtures the participants’ strategic thinking, with the objective of educating multidisciplinary profiles capable of working in different areas of the design system.

In each of the two semester students will engage in a strategic research projects developed under the supervision of a long-experienced art director and in partnership with an Italian product or furniture design brand. They will have the opportunity to fully explore and adapt to different management models and processes, in order to gain a greater understanding of operational issues, at the same time learning how to develop and apply innovative and creative management solutions for design-intensive companies while focusing on different aspects of business, design and communication.

23 Sep 2024
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Participants who successfully complete this programme will be awarded with a Master Degree. Recognised by MUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research)   participants will obtain 60 CFA (crediti formativi accademici) equivalent to 60 ECTS credits.

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Students will investigate the process of strategy building and acquire an advanced use of creative tools required to develop an innovation-driven business, understanding how their strategic approach can be integrated into project solutions, while keeping in mind a company’s positioning and growth opportunities. By analyzing complex problems, participants learn how to develop and apply problem-solving skills both in individual and team lead projects.

Integrative thinking, experiential learning, and team working are subsequently applied to creative methods in the development of precise design identities and brand strategies. Throughout the course participants focus on analysing the rising trends in society, to intercept the deep needs of users and set design strategies accordingly: they will complete the course equipped with a forward-thinking mindset to become the future front-runners of design management.

  • Design/Brand Manager
  • Art Director
  • Strategic Communication Specialist
  • Store/Showroom Manager
  • Strategic Design Consultant
  • Design identity
  • Brand identity
  • Business models
  • Art direction for design brands
  • Visual & spoken communication
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