Full preparation for postgraduate level studies

Preparatory Course

1 Oct 2018 - 21 Dec 2018
tuition fee only £ 7.810

29 Apr 2019 - 21 Jul 2019
tuition fee only £ 7.810

Programme Specification

This 12-week course prepares participants for entry onto any of the master’s programmes at Istituto Marangoni. Participants gain a solid base in advanced level training methods, and experience the intensive learning approach and academic rigour that is required to successfully follow one of the full-time postgraduate courses.
The course is specifically tailored for individuals with a background in fashion, art, design, business or similar who are looking to progress in their studies and experience to master’s level. Participants work on projects based on a systematic and comprehensive approach to the industry, developing innovative thinking and business acumen. The programme covers the principles of fashion, art, design and business focusing on creative and practical management skills in accordance with their chosen master’s programme. They look at breadth of issues in the fashion system such as marketing, media and communications, while practical workshops deepen their understanding in all relevant course areas including project management, promotion or brand management. Specific workshops are also coordinated in relation to their chosen subject field. Key to the successful completion of a postgraduate course is the ability to conduct independent research together with effective presentation and communication skills. Participants of this fashion course also receive integrated support with written and spoken use of the English language, ensuring they are fully prepared to meet the challenges of postgraduate learning.


• The fashion system
• The fashion business
• Creative research and analysis
• Project management
• The luxury industry
• Media and communication in fashion
• Principles of marketing
• Academic writing
• Professional presentation skills

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