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Accommodation in Milan

To help you find your ideal accommodation away from home, Istituto Marangoni Milano has partnered with housing agencies and providers with different solutions according to your needs. By contacting them, you will be able to pick from a wide choice of short and long-term housing options.

Long-Stay Housing Agencies

WhatsApp:+39 3791468503 
Promo code: MARANGONI25

Spotahome knows you are about to start an adventure in a completely new city for you. That is why we’re here: we want to help you in the process of booking your next home. Save time, energy and money with Spotahome: find and book your new home 100% online. Checked and verified properties with HD video tours and high quality images; honest and accurate listings; 24hr move-in guarantee; over 6.5k properties in Milan

WhatsApp: +39 3407819070
Contact Person: Luca

DoveVivo provides professional, transparent and reliable solutions to meet the needs of students away from home, who create a community of more than 13,000 tenants. Our services include rooms in newly-built or renovated apartments, Internet, and utilities, with building maintenance costs included and no agency costs. We also provide online booking, virtual tours, and DoveVivo App for assistance, 24/7 support and cultural and social events for our international community.
WhatsApp: +39 3440689888
Contact person: Francesco 
Promo code: IM10

Dotstay is a service for students looking for a place to stay in Milan in the medium to long term (3 months or more) who want to visit the accommodation in person or by video tour. Students can use to book a personal multilanguage assistant - an Angel - who will take them to see the place they selected within a few days. The Angel will support them through the entire rental process, from visiting the accommodation to the lease agreement to payment and check in. Dotstay also provides a unique “Matching Service” to find shared accommodations for Istituto Marangoni students only. With Dotstay you can save time, effort and feel safe with an Angel by your side.
Whatsapp: +39 3387508770
Contact person: Giordana

Italian Short Rent is a Milan-based agency that focuses on providing quality housing services. It has a portfolio of selected quality accommodations in the city’s central areas. Its main goal is to support students by offering personalised support and being their go-to contact throughout their stay. Italian Short Rent also offers support for all practical aspects and bureaucracy to facilitate their move and their stay in Italy.
WhatsApp: +39 331 359 1275
Contact person: Letizia

Renting Milano is an established real estate agency in Milan. We take real estate beyond just buildings; our work starts with helping students from around the world rent their dream homes in Milan. It continues by providing them with tailored services to meet the challenges they may encounter during their stay in Italy. The heart of our job is supporting our clients, be they potential, present, or past. We spend our days talking to them, understanding and addressing their needs, and being there for them. We turn these insights into concrete, data-based business solutions to support tenants and landlords faster and better.
Contact person: Belén

We create hassle-free experiences for international, off-site students and young professionals coming to Milan through a unique combination of amazing places to stay in, wonderful people to share them with, and memorable experiences to treasure for life.

Short-Stay Housing Agencies


When contacting one of these housing agencies, remember to say you are an Istituto Marangoni student. Even if Istituto Marangoni works alongside these housing agencies and continuously monitors the services they provide, the school cannot be held responsible for failing to find a suitable accommodation, nor for any disputes arising between the student and the agency.

Where is the School?

The School is located in the very heart of Milan, between the San Babila Metro station (red line) and Montenapoleone (yellow line).

You can use the city's efficient public transport system to look for an apartment anywhere; we recommend the areas near the red and yellow Metro lines, like Porta Venezia, Porta Romana, Loreto, or Isola.

Is Milan a safe place to stay?

Milan can be considered a safe city. However, it is always a good idea to take some precautions when travelling to a foreign country, whether it is Milan or anywhere else in the world. As an Istituto Marangoni student, you can always receive dedicated support by International SOS (see Health & Assistance section).


I found some housing solutions on social media. Do you think they are reliable?

We strongly recommend that you refer to the indicated agencies. You can trust them.

Can I get some general information about the lease to be signed?

Renting an apartment in Italy can require some paperwork. Read the lease agreement carefully before signing to protect your rights and help you get the right deal (this is why we recommend referring to IM partners – they are the ones who can help you). Owners are often asking for 3 months of security deposit and 1 month of rent in advance. Cost of heating and utilities may be included in the rent contract. In that case, it is a good idea to ask your landlord to itemise the amounts for each utility bill at the end of the year, so that you are fully informed of the actual expenses. After signing the lease, either the landlord or the tenant has 30 days to register the contract with the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate). Registration is required by law: the registration tax - 2% of the annual rent – is paid equally by landlord and tenant. To withdraw from a rental contract, you will need to send a formal letter, usually 3 months before leaving the property.


Which documents do I need to be able to rent an apartment?

EU Students

  • Tax code (codice fiscale). For information regarding fiscal code, please check here (link alla pagina del Get Ready con le info)
  • An identity document

Non-EU Students

  • Tax code (codice fiscale). For information regarding fiscal code, please check here (link alla pagina del Get Ready con le info)
  • An identity document (Passport)
  • The permit to stay/Receipt of the application of permesso di soggiorno (or, if you don't have it at the moment of signing the  contract, the visa with the entry stamp should be enough). For information regarding permit to stay, please check here (link alla pagina del Get Ready con le info)

For Not-EU students, the landlord, within 48 hours from the handover of the flat, has the duty of communicating to the local police station that the foreign student is living there.