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The Top Luxury Fashion Brands and Designers in the United Arab Emirates


The Top Luxury Fashion Brands and Designers in the United Arab Emirates

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There are many different definitions of the word “fashion”, and the word most certainly will conjure up varying ideas in different people’s minds. Some call it a form of self-expression, and some might even consider it a set of rules that apply to a way of dressing, behaving, writing, or performing that is favoured at any one time or place. Whether or not we choose to follow these rules is up to us. In the design world, Fashion is about expression, and it can be used to change and shape lives through its personal connection to us all. 

If you are hoping to pursue a degree in the field, experts advise seeking an environment in which your individuality and unique skills can be nurtured; one which is underpinned by industry experts who are passionate in transmitting their own competences and background knowledge as a means to help students flourish. Before we take a closer look at a selection of the courses on offer at Istituto Marangoni, Dubai, let us first enjoy an overview of the top luxury fashion brands and designers both internationally and in the UAE, to see how they have put their talents to use in the vast, eclectic world of fashion. 

The Lyst Index charts fashion’s fastest risers and most coveted pieces, and in 2022, Gucci took out the top spot with creative director Alessandro Michele’s collaboration with Harry Styles, and the house’s glittering Cosmogonie Cruise collection. Celebrity endorsement also gave a boost to Balenciaga, whose designs were worn on the runway by a bevy of the biggest stars from Dua Lipa to Nicole Kidman to Kim Kardashian, which won the brand second place. Meanwhile, Prada rolled up in third position with their foray into selling fashion on Meta. Industry heavyweight  Dior, whose handcrafted designs celebrated the intimacy of couture, made the list, as did Louis Vuitton, which recently presented its final collection by the late visionary designer, Virgil Abloh’s own brand. Other mainstays such as Fendi,  Prada and Miu Miu also ranked, keeping their footholds firm within the upper echelon of the fashion world. Valentino came in at number 4, and Diesel at number 9, proving that Italian brands still play an important role in the worldwide fashion industry.

Nathalie Trad

Zooming in on the UAE, and its truly unique style, we begin with      Nathalie Trad and her international acclaim. Lebanese born Natalie Trad has a large international fanbase who enjoy her traditional yet boundary-breaking aesthetic, and through her architecturally influenced clutches, she has formed an eponymous line.

Rami Al Ali Couture

Rami Al Ali Couture entered the fashion arena with bold design and uncompromising couture. The brand was established in Dubai in 2001, and has collaborated with many notable artists including architect Victor Udzenija. After several inspiring fashion shows around the Gulf, the brand gained popularity, until its designs featured regularly in some of the world’s leading fashion publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Business of Jordan.

Nafsika Skourti

 Skourti is a well known designer who is one of the most sought-after streetwear fashion designers. Skourti is defined by her bold, youthful designs and feminist, daring fashion sense. Recently part of the Burberry’s Art of the Trench Project and recognised as a regional trendsetter, Skourti’s clothing line has gained recognition as one of the most exciting to look out for from Dubai.


Faiza Bouguessa is bringing about a revolutionary change in the fashion industry by bringing the traditional abaya of the region making it fashionable. With her innovative designs, fine detailing, bold colours, and fabrics, Bouguessa continues to enjoy international attention for its modern, hijab-friendly fashion.


Reemami is a widely known fashion brand launched by Reema Al Banna in 2009. This brand is considered special as it has one of the strongest feminist stands in the fashion industry in both the region and the world. Not only is her fashion line daring and quirky, but also behind each piece of clothing that the brand creates is a message about the strength and power of women and the power of solidarity.

…so the question is, where do you begin your own journey into the fashion world?

Istituto Marangoni Dubai

In September 2022, International Design School Istituto Marangoni inaugurated its new campus in Dubai. A creative melting pot of Italian heritage, UAE tradition, and international influences, its campus is located inside the Dubai International Financial Centre, and offers a variety of undergraduate and professional courses in Fashion, and the various branches of design. All the courses are taught by the Institute’s team of professionals from Italy.

The school of design at Istituto Marangoni offers an exciting opportunity to fuse Italian expertise with local talent, with a view to shaping the future of the UAE fashion, design, and creative industries. Its strategic partnerships and international outlook make Istituto Marangoni the ideal place to develop your skills and learn from industry experts. With its unique network of international schools, Istituto Marangoni also offers enriching study abroad opportunities for students looking to broaden their horizons in every sense. We offer a wide range of fashion courses, the information for which can be found below.

Choosing a design course can seem a bit overwhelming, which is why our experts are on hand to help. Please feel free to get in touch with us, and we will be happy to answer any questions and offer our guidance. Here is a brief overview of some of the design courses on offer:

BA (Hons) in Fashion Design & Accessories

Focussing on contemporary fashion, the three year course aims to provide students with the opportunity to investigate the intrinsic added value of fashion products, helping them understand how to design items that spark desire. This involves experimenting with various materials, technologies and techniques while learning to use avant garde pairings and exploring the world of sustainable resources. To find out more about the course and the wide variety of methods used to teach it, please click on this link.

Course in Fashion Luxury Retail & Visual Merchandising

Developed to zoom in on product characteristics, materials and quality control, this course is ideal for industry professionals who wish to learn more about how to analyse a collection, to recognise the style, quality, and identity of a brand, and to select and manage the various product categories. The course also involves the study of Visual Merchandising, Visual Display and Digital Storytelling applied to both physical retail and online strategies. For a more detailed overview of the course, and the wide variety of methods used to teach it, please click on this link.

Reinventing the Future Event

To open its UAE school with a bang, Istituto Marangoni staged a phygital fashion show at Dubai’s Museum of the Future. The Talent Show took place simultaneously at The Museum of the Future and in the Metaverse, where real models were joined on the catwalk by their avatars to create a revolutionary event that was the expression of the Marangoni innovative approach. The spectacle was a display of the works of the five best graduates from the Milan, Florence, Paris, London, and Shanghai Fashion Design courses, offering graduates the opportunity to show their work to an international audience.

The event was a wonderful showcase of what three years’ study at Istituto Marangoni can do for talented designers, and a passionate expression of the opportunities on offer for students who enrol in the Dubai school.


Istituto Marangoni Dubai Course in Fashion Luxury Retail & Visual Merchandising BA in Fashion Design & Accessories
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