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Fashion Design & Accessories

Under Accreditation by CAA
BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses

These undergraduate programmes are designed for participants looking to enter the fashion world, and provide a complete education allowing participants to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a career in the chosen field.


Become fully qualified in the latest fashion and accessories design techniques and expand your career options. Covering clothing and accessories design, these three-year full-time courses encourage individual style and creativity, while also offering the chance to become multi-skilled fashion designers. Participants begin by studying the language of ready to wear, progressing through all stages of the design process including hand sketching, fashion illustration and digital design, as well as pattern making, pattern cutting and construction, right through to the finished garment or product – through a deep study of all the steps in collection development. 

18 Sep 2023 - 28 Jun 2024
English  - Fee
Enrollment Fee
درهم AED16,000
School fee
درهم AED87,000

5% VAT must be added to all the fees.



Course currently under CAA accreditation as part of a 4-year programme. Students that have obtained a high school diploma and completed 13 years of schooling are eligible to enter at Year 1 of this Three-Year program - which is equivalent to Year 2 of the CAA curriculum.

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Learning focus
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Focusing on the contemporary fashion scenario, the course provides students the opportunity to investigate the intrinsic added values and characteristics of accessories, garments or fashion products, understanding how to design items that create desire. During the course participants are encouraged to experiment with new materials and technologies, learning at the same time the use of a flamboyant pairing of fabrics, renewable and sustainable resources, 3D printing or experimental cutting techniques, as well as evaluating fabric embellishment and details that make the ‘difference’ for a winning collection. Research into fashion history and culture and historic references in art and dress further enhance creative thinking, meanwhile communication skills provide a professional approach in the negotiation and presentation of final design ideas to companies and new clients.

The three-year Course in Fashion Design & Accessories is based on various learning and teaching methods including: seminars, tutorials, workshops, classroom lessons, ITC workshops, group projects and individual research.
Participants will learn about the techniques of design and, by the end of the first year, they will be capable of illustrating their ideas in a way that meets the standards of the contemporary style.
They can carry out a specific research project on a fashion theme, creating Research Books with photographs, drawings, collages, fabric samples and other elements needed to design their first creative ideas.
The students will also learn to use the most widely-used graphic software, digital design tools and visual communication techniques.

  • Fashion drawing & illustration (2D, 3D)
  • Prototyping (lab & workshop) pattern cutting, maquette
  • Visual communication & professional presentation skills
  • Digital design & 3d printing
  • The study of fabrics and materials
  • Professional design portfolio & collection
  • Marketing & fashion business
  • Analysis and strategies of contemporary fashion
  • History of luxury & brand heritage
  • Fashion designer
  • Accessories designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Product manager
  • Trend forecaster/Trend Analysis expert
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