Preparatory Course

1 Oct 2019 - 5 Jun 2020
it · en
enrolment fee € 4.000
tuition fee € 13.500

3 Feb 2020 - 18 Sep 2020
it · en
enrolment fee € 4.000
tuition fee € 13.500

Programme Specification

This course is for candidates that may not have all the entry requirements to undertake a 3-year undergraduate programme or that are simply unsure as to which area of study best suits their skills or where their true passion lies. The Foundation Year encourages participants to investigate the world of design by studying key notions in interiors, product, and visual design, as well as in digital design and multimedia arts, providing a solid base for entry onto any of the 3-year undergraduate programmes available at the School of Design in Milano, or art programmes in Firenze. The course explores design and art contexts, looking at design awareness, concepts, design techniques and presentation. Attention is dedicated to key areas within the design industry; the world of interiors investigates space, location and lighting, while also touching on emotive or wellbeing design. In product design participants are introduced to the world of luxury products and furniture, and industrial design concepts, as well as jewellery design, exploring notions of form and function, and the influence of Italian style in the sector. Visual design spans all areas, opening up exciting future study paths in areas utilising digital imaging, graphic design, and multimedia arts. Over the course of the diagnostic year students are offered exciting new challenges that will nurture their creativity, improve their critical independent thinking, develop their skills and finally help them identify which undergraduate course is right for them. They will experience Istituto Marangoni training methods and the intensive learning approach that is required in order to successfully follow one of the full-time three-year undergraduate programmes and ultimately become a successful professional practitioner. Attention is given to developing an individual approach to creative expression, and to conceptual thinking, which participants are then able to develop further in their chosen undergraduate course. Academic discipline is at the heart of the syllabus, and where necessary, is supported with English language study skills, concentrating on the communication of ideas in both verbal and written format, and concluding with a portfolio of work.


  • Analyses of key disciplines covering interior, product, visual design
  • Digital design
  • Visual studies
  • Communication in design
  • Drawing and mixed media design
  • Materials and processes in art and design
  • The luxury and creative industries
  • Study support skills and language
  • Brief history of art and design

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