Styling Photography for Social Media

Post yourself with selfie style

Courses for Teenager

7 Jan 2020 - 24 Jan 2020
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Total cost € 5.900

*Full package with accommodation in families

Programme Specification

Individual image, style, and ultimately personality, are openly promoted and declared in the photos we continuously post on social platforms.

With private blogs and online profiles it is important to bring photographic techniques to a higher level of quality and personalisation, particularly for anyone interested in the fashion, luxury and creative industries. This fun course gives participants the unique opportunity to learn and experiment with basic skills in professional photography while also discovering their own style strengths, artistic flair and talent. By understanding key notions in photography and editing, participants will be more aware about what they are really ‘saying’ about themselves to the world online, and be able to promote themselves with style.

During the 3 weeks, participants will be introduced to different digital photography techniques, indoor and outdoor shooting, key skills in photo retouching and image processing, and be given the opportunity to create a simple photo book of their work. The aim of this short course is to discover the world of photography linked to individual fashion style.

Participants are encouraged to experiment with image and style and to be creative, but they are also taught to think of each project with a clear aesthetic purpose or ‘motivation’ – for example each picture telling a story, or communicating a style. Via a fun and explorative approach to study participants have the opportunity to sharpen their technical and creative skills in photography and expand their own style portfolio or online profiles with a more professional, convincing, and innovative approach in layout, composition and style.

Istituto Marangoni preparatory level courses focus on personal enrichment and enjoyment aimed at young and aspiring creatives who may be considering university level study. At this level of study, there are no exams or assessments to worry about. Courses are specifically crafted for anyone interested in learning about design and creative processes, from the very basics, through to some of the more interesting and complex elements. No prior design or software skills are required. For students under 18, Parent/Guardian consent is required for acceptance onto the course.

* Istituto Marangoni preparatory courses focus on personal enrichment and fun for young people aged 16-17. No previous technical or software skills are required. For students under the age of 18, the consent of the parent / guardian is required for acceptance of the course.

** For students under 18, Parent/Guardian consent is required for acceptance onto the course

* All lessons can be provided with a translation service only for the schools of Milan Fashion, Milan Design and Florence.

** For the London School, payment must be made in GBP only

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