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Mar 03, 2022

Serbia to Austria,
a family story

"Hello, my name is Snežana and I was born and raised in Belgrad, Serbia." So begins World collapsing, a video research work on Shirin Blum’s (@shirinpasqualblum) first great fashion influence, namely her grandmother Snežana, who was born in Serbia and came to Austria at the age of 21.

As a blended form of fashion movie and short documentary, World collapsing shows Snežana sharing the story of how she went from being a poor girl in Serbia to a cheerful and happy woman in Austria. The title itself refers to the contrast of Snežana‘s underprivileged life in Serbia and her newly fulfilled path at the top of the Austrian Alps.


Shirin Blum,
Third-year student of the BA in Fashion Styling & Creative Direction, Paris