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Istituto Marangoni Milano chooses internationally acclaimed designers as Mentors of its Master’s programmes


Istituto Marangoni Milano chooses internationally acclaimed designers as Mentors of its Master’s programmes

21 December 2022

Following the theme of 2022/2023, "Sentient Horizons" - exploring a scenario where human evolution is expanding beyond the earth's borders and where the boundaries between real and virtual experiences become increasingly thin - and reflecting the latest trends in education, Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Design entrusted designers with the artistic direction of the Master’s programmes in Interior, Product and Visual Design, offering students innovative teaching methods developed in line with the needs of the world of work.

Coordinated by their Mentor, the students work to create projects in collaboration with leading Italian brands. Each company has been assigned a Mentor who, through their work and professional expertise, translates the needs of the brand's target market and guides the students in developing a set brief.

Sound Artist, Sound Designer & Soundtrack Composer Chiara Luzzana, Mentor for the students of the Master's programme in Digital for Immersive Experiences, will work for Samsung on an immersive and interactive installation. The result will be presented at the Samsung Arena during the Milan Design Week in April 2023.

With Elena Salmistraro, Founder and Creative Director of the homonymous studio, Interior Design students will explore new approaches to retail spaces. The purpose is also to provide a strong humanisation experience through new digital technologies.

The use of new materials and technologies applied to residential complexes will be the focus of Interior Contract Design students, led by Carlo Colombo, Architect, CEO & Founder of Studio A++Master.

Francesco Bernabei, CEO & Creative Founder of Monogrid, will work with both the students of the Master's programme in Digital for Immersive Experiences and with Digital Art Direction students. With the former, he will develop a truly immersive retail experience, with the latter a multimedia campaign that will embrace new technologies.

Aspiring Nexters from the Master's in Digital Art Direction will develop a Communication project with German Silva, Founder and CEO of PINK LAB.

Elisa Ossino, Co-founder and Creative Director of her eponymous studio, will work with the Product Design students to design furnishing accessories for extreme environments such as those of orbiting houses or human settlements on other planets.

Finally, Giorgio Biscaro, Founder of the studio of the same name, will develop a Design Identity and a communication strategy for a renowned Design brand along with the students of the Master's programme in Design Management & Strategic Innovation.

This unique experience invites students to approach the business world and to work closely with today’s trend setters in the design industry. Many of the Mentors involved are also featured as Special Guests of the IMdesignTalks, the cycle of meetings held by the School every Thursday afternoon as extra-didactic activities to spark intellectual debate within the Design School. 

Being able to collaborate with expert Mentors is a distinctive element of the programme developed by Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Design for students and reveals the richness and strength of the industry connections that the school has built over the years. For designers and the industry, this dialogue with the Design School - a research and innovation hub - is a metre for measuring new trends in society and the latest developments in the world of design.

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