The undergraduate Semester Abroad Programmes allow students to study in an integrated class alongside Istituto Marangoni 2nd year undergraduate Students.

Students have the possibility to choose whether to apply for the Fall Semester or for the Spring Semester at Istituto Marangoni. As part of an actual Istituto Marangoni class, the contents provided during the two semesters are diversified, thus offering International Students a wider range of choices. For the specific modules and learning outcomes delivered during the two semesters, check out the programme specifications for each of the Semester Abroad Programmes.

The Semester Abroad Programmes are organised on the basis of two academic calendars, designed to fit the academic calendar structures of international universities: the traditional Istituto Marangoni calendar, in line with most Italian universities; and the international calendar, envisaged to fit the academic necessities of international students.

Fall Semester

Standard Calendar: From October to March

Customized Calendar: From September to December

Spring Semester

Standard Calendar: From February/March to July

Customized Calendar: From January to May

Regardless of the academic calendar chosen, International Students will join Istituto Marangoni existing classes. The Semester Abroad Programmes following the international calendar include a dedicated one-month module organised at the beginning of the courses.


Semesters Abroad at Istituto Marangoni are credit-bearing programmes. The recognition of the credits collected during the Semester Abroad experience will be evaluated by students’ home university. Study Abroad students are recommended to contact the pertinent office of their home university before enrolling at any Istituto Marangoni Semester Abroad programme. Students are welcome to contact Istituto Marangoni Study Abroad office for support with the academic assessment and credit recognition procedures.

At the end of their semester at Istituto Marangoni, students will receive a Transcript of Records indicating the exams completed at Istituto Marangoni in credits (with the equivalent number of USA and ECTS credits, if required) as well as a Certificate of Proficiency.

Upon transmission of the document, students’ Home University will be able to recognise the academic experience at Istituto Marangoni and award the equivalent number of credits to the students.

Istituto Marangoni Credit System

Istituto Marangoni academic system complies with ECTS framework – 1 ECTS credit equals 25/30 hours of work, including theoretical, theoretical-practical lessons, laboratories, designs and individual study.

An entire semester at Istituto Marangoni corresponds to approximately 30 ECTS credits (equal to 12 -15 USA credits).

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