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The Course

Product Design Semester

Semester courses · undergraduate

Aimed at students with at least one-year previous study in their selected area, study abroad semesters (5 – 6 months) offer participants a chance gain invaluable insights into European style and lifestyle, cultural influences, trends, contemporary issues as well as the impact of luxury companies and brands, and creative and contemporary issues in art and design in Europe’s capitals.


Designing luxury furniture, bespoke one-off items, or products for industrial design and commercialisation. Semester courses in product design combine a mix of applied manual, technical and digital design skills in order to improve and develop creative talent in design processes, methods, and final product realisation. Aimed at participants with at least one-year previous undergraduate study in product design, or similar field, these short courses cover key subjects in design, trends, materials, and 3D modelling, as well as contemporary insights in the design process for example, the sociology of design, communicating design, and design anthropology; researching and developing innovative ideas that match the needs and requirements of a client brief, or for the final product user in contemporary design proposals. Study Abroad Structure - (5 – 6 months) Study abroad courses provide an opportunity to see the world, experience new cultures, learn a new language, visit neighbouring countries, and make new lifelong friends. Study abroad semesters at Istituto Marangoni offer participants a chance to experience different styles of education and learn key skills from international experts in the field. The study abroad level is structured and taught at year two of a three-year undergraduate programme. According to the chosen course, credit transcripts* or class (contact) hours are awarded on successful completion. Courses are offered twice a year, in autumn and spring.  Course content changes with each start date to offer a wider range of subjects, giving participants the opportunity to choose the course that best suits their needs;
23 Sep 2024
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Programme Specification

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Learning focus semester 1 · autumn start
Learning focus semester 2 · spring start
  • Materials Science & Technology
  • Anthropology of Design
  • Aesthetics Trends History
  • Design of the Product System
  • CAD CAM Modelling
  • Design Methods
  • Materials Science & Technology
  • Techniques of Design Communication
  • Sociology of Design
  • Design of the Product System
  • CAD CAM Modelling
  • Design Method
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