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The Course

Product Design

Luxury objects for contemporary living
Undergraduate Progression · Training

Both luxury furniture and industrial product design overlap with many creative fields including crafts, fashion, art, and interior design. Product designers understand where these areas meet, making use of contemporary influences and appropriate methods in their own creative process, designing luxury furniture, bespoke one-off items, or products for industrial design, from concept to commercialisation. 


The Product Design programme covers a mix of applied manual, technical and digital design skills (technical drawing, 3D modelling, visualisation and prototype development), combined with a holistic approach in the journey towards design project development; working individually and in teams nurturing and developing creative talent in design processes, methods and final product realisation.

20 Aug 2024
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Participants learn how to effectively apply research methods to the development of product design proposals. They acquire knowledge of the basic principles of industrial processes and organisation, and gain expertise of material properties learning how to exploit and employ existing or new materials effectively and in innovative ways. Particular attention is given to the rich local craft and materials, product sustainability, ergonomics and user awareness, together with preparation in design language and communication, providing a professional approach in the planning, negotiation and presentation of ideas. The history and evolution of product design takes a look at the discipline in different cultural and theoretical contexts, together with a focus on ‘italianness’: Italian craftsmanship, design and style, admired globally in the luxury furniture and product design industries, and showcased at the most important annual event in the international furniture design calendar, the ‘Salone del Mobile’ exhibition in Milano, Italy. Participants research and evaluate past and current trends and design identity, and engage in market research, being able to respond to their own individual style, combined with industry needs, project briefs, brand image strategies, or specific client requests. Creativity and independent thinking is encouraged throughout the course and participants experiment and test their design skills and competences in an industry-driven project in partnership with a leading company, while additional networking opportunities are offered during the final graduation event, showcasing forward-thinking designs for this exciting, challenging and innovative industry. With product design as the core subject, participants select from different pathways to specialise in a chosen area of interest, responding to individual creative flair and passion. 

  • Technical drawing & rendering (CAD)
  • The product design process
  • Product analysis
  • Product branding
  • Industry project work in collaboration with companies
  • The history and culture of product design
  • Design methodology & development
  • Industrialisation of the creative process
  • Final project and portfolio creation
  • Creative research practice and theory
  • Product designer
  • Product development manager
  • Design director
  • System designer
  • Concept designer
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