A new identity, new functions and future for vehicles & mobility

Over the last few years, design has become a genuinely strategic driver in the development of vehicles, and the transport industry in general. By taking a close look at this phenomenon, it is possible to see how, in the car industry too, the creative-design process is in fact a vital area involving both design and technical fields that have evolved and developed through innovation and creativity.

On this course participants specialise in car design through an understanding the processes of engineering and production, prototyping and simulation, completing the course with the ability to conceive and manage innovative projects for the future of mobility. This course focuses on new technologies that the automotive world is facing with a long-term vision (electric cars, hybrids, etc.) and the revolution in the concept of car design, notably in interior design, passenger compartment, and ergonomics.

From a successful ‘tried and tested’ international heritage in the design, fashion and creative industries, Istituto Marangoni’s Master in Car Design aims to systematically analyse on-going changes and the most advanced technological applications – outlining the future direction of the car design industry and the market within a global context. Attention is focused on the emotional and symbolic aspects that set out the way in which vehicles are used and above all, the ‘Italian’ influence which traditionally boasts a role at the forefront of vehicle design development; confirmed by some of the most prestigious car manufacturing companies worldwide.

Throughout the course participants are introduced to the latest technologies and tools used in design, prototype construction, and in project engineering, culminating with the creation of a final design project in collaboration with a car manufacturer, or with companies operating in the manufacturing supply line.

An introduction to research at postgraduate level, as well as current issues in sustainability and use of materials, the environment, mobility services, and urban and architectural Infrastructures are also covered.

The course is enhanced by workshop activities, external visits, and seminars held by expert car designers, engineers, and directors working in an international setting.

** Courses taught in Milano are awarded an Istituto Marangoni diploma.


  • Advanced propulsion systems and evolution of vehicle morphologies/types
  • Cutting-edge engineering and production processes
  • Rapid prototyping and new materials
  • Car Design and the evolution of vehicle interiors
  • Design of interiors and perceived quality
  • Autonomous driving, safety equipment and design of HMI interfaces
  • Advanced simulation and presentation techniques
  • Car Design and protecting the environment
  • Car Design and mobility services
  • Design of urban and architectural infrastructures for future mobility

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