Short Courses · 3 weeks

7 Jan 2020 - 24 Jan 2020
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full package in twin room € 5.500
full package in single room € 5.900
tuition fee only € 4.100

Programme Specification


This exciting short course explores the contemporary design field. The lifestyle and client demands of today’s market signify a greater need for products that serve a specific function but which are, at the same time, aesthetically seductive and contemporary in feel.

This course gives participants insight into and experience of what product design is today, offering an overview of the stages and activities involved. They will have the opportunity to understand the main processes of a new product from concept design through to manufacturing, prototyping and marketing. This course will allow the participants to gain ability and knowledge of how to transform an idea into a product.

Week 1 

Milano is an international centre of design and each year the world gravitates towards the anticipated events of the Salone del Mobile and Fuori Salone. An examination of the latest products presented in the past Milan Design Week will be the starting point for the participants to gain a familiarity with the importance of Made in Italy, its language and context. The culture of design is, however, a global phenomenon, and the course also aims to inform participants of other aesthetic design languages that inform and influence the contemporary landscape of design. The course introduces participants to an approach of critical analysis of international design, in order to support professional activities in the design field or simply to satisfy the curiosity about the way we live and how designers work today.

Week 2 

The participants will be introduced to the beginning stages of the design process through the techniques and practical methods commonly used in design research. Participants will learn how to structure and analyse a design brief, identify the needs of end-users, and create a product proposal. Participants will begin the creative design process by analyizing existing conditions and products that will form the foundation of their concepts and then will proceed to understanding the development phase.

Week 3 

The final week looks at the development and definition of the concept design of the product. Analysis of the main stages of the design process as well as production criteria and considerations will be addressed. This deepens understanding of the activities necessary to define a number of different viable conceptual schemes that meet the needs of the product. Participants will also be able to identify appropriate manufacturing processes and materials to their own designs.


** For the London School, payment must be made in GBP only


  • Product design process
  • Project methodology
  • Functional and aesthetic features
  • Brief analysis
  • From concept to development
  • Conceptual modelling
  • Presentation skills
  • Designer as a professional

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