Master's Course

1 Feb 2021 - 30 Sep 2021
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enrolment fee € 5.500
tuition fee EU € 22.000
tuition fee non-EU € 23.000

Programme Specification

The aim of the Master in Digital Art Direction is to train – and integrate in the world of employment – digital art directors capable of managing integrated communication projects, that is, communication professionals who by sensitivity and cultural background are able to represent a virtuous connection  between the world of traditional communication, linked to the field of advertising agencies, and that of agencies specialized in the use of digital media.

The Master in Digital Art Direction will be developed with the collaboration of McCann Italy – one of the most important communication agencies in the world – which will not only help train the participants in the master, but will provide them with the opportunity to experience directly the dynamics and working methods of a large agency.

The digital art director is a professional figure who combines creative skills, familiarity with the main communication techniques and the ability to conceive strategic thinking, making mastery of the visual component his strong point.

Advertising spots, communication campaigns, proper management of social profiles, organization of events, production of branded contents, online activations and multimedia installations capable of generating engagement and virtuous word of mouth: the students enrolled in the master will learn, starting from precise briefs, to manage advertising campaigns for renowned brands and articulated communication projects, which maintain underlying consistency while living in a cross-channel dimension and manifesting themselves in a multiplicity of different touch-points.

Expression of creativity and lateral thinking, multidisciplinary experimentation and comparison with the best professionals in the sector will be encouraged; through the analysis of emerging trends in contemporary imagery, participants will learn to manage the many elements that set up an advertising campaign.

Thanks to this highly specialized study path, participants will learn about market dynamics and the evolution of the socio-cultural context of reference, so as to make the image of a brand, product or event in an always current, cool and desirable way. Participants will develop confidence with the most advanced communication techniques and the latest trends, with the aim of anticipating the direction in which our visual culture is evolving, increasingly influenced by new technologies, virtual reality, the world of video games, from viral proliferating content on social networks.

The birth of the network has allowed a diffusion of the previously unthinkable images. With digital media, images have changed their status, assuming an essential centrality. Today we live in the society of the image and the attention of people has become an increasingly scarce resource for which brands, advertisers and influencers compete strenuously. In a world where messages abound, the challenge in which the digital art director is called upon today is to communicate effectively and professionally, capturing the attention of people with relevant messages with a high rate of memorability.

The teaching of the Master in Digital Art Direction is provided through various formulas: classroom lectures, workshops at McCann spaces, seminars and masterclasses with authoritative exponents of the panorama of advertising, digital communication and visual arts, on-site or virtual visits to creative studios, communication agencies, exhibitions.


  • Digital Art Direction
  • New Media Theory and Techniques
  • Advertising techniques
  • Integrated communication and omnichannel
  • Graphic Design, Interaction Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Editing
  • Sustainability Communication
  • Branded Content Production
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality
  • Gamification


The master in Digital Art Direction is aimed at graduates or undergraduates who have already acquired experience in the field of communication, characterized by a distinctly creative forma mentis and with a strong predisposition towards the use of digital media.

Once the specialization path is finished, they can be inserted in the following areas:

  • Advertising
  • Web Agency
  • Branding and Corporate world
  • Entertainment and event industry
  • Digital communication
  • Publishing

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