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The Course

Fashion Styling & Multimedia Intensive

Develop creative visual content for fashion using a variety of media
Avocational Level Courses

This dynamic intensive course focuses on visual communication investigating the many different aspects of fashion styling, using images and multimedia contents to persuade, inspire, and create an emotional response. Participants are trained on essential technical and theoretical aspects related to the development of creative content for fashion (photography, video, styling, and art direction). The work of a fashion stylist must be both strategic and creative: attentive to the historical context and culture of fashion, to current trends and developments in the industry, and yet remaining consistent with a client’s brief or brand identity.


During the course, through the introduction to key processes in creating and developing professional visual content using different media, participants understand how to interpret the latest trends in fashion through lighting, accessories, poses, and props, translating style in a contemporary way alongside technical and aesthetic aspects.


Researching the interaction between fashion, design and art further enhances the participant’s knowledge of trends and current fashion aesthetics. The exploration of key historical moments in fashion and image, as well as looking at styling from different contexts and cultures, assists in the participants creative thinking to produce striking and innovative image proposals.

  • Production & Digital Editing
  • Visual Communication & Publishing
  • Graphic Design
  • Styling Development & Analysis
  • Building a Professional Portfolio
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Digital Content Manager
  • Art Director
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Social Media Director
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