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The Course

Fashion Styling

Develop your individual style to build a future in fashion
Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Styling forms future professionals and ‘creatives’ with the ability to work within the fashion system in areas of visual communication such as publishing, advertising, visual merchandising, trend or style forecasting and blogging.
The fashion stylist is an expert in fashion communication and must be able to define and produce a winning combination of component parts in order to create an image or ‘look’ to emphasize the style of a brand, a magazine or a person.
This can be achieved through the careful use of clothes, accessories, hair and make-up, through atmosphere and location and through the knowledge and analysis of contemporary and future trends. The skills lie in interpreting the soul of an article of clothing, or product, and communicating it through a unique style.


The Fashion Styling program aims to provide students with creative, transferable skills and subject specific expertise in trend forecasting, analysis and interpretation of style and brands, visual communication and merchandising: they will learn to apply these skills to the present and emerging technologies in today’s fashion communication industry, while also gain an understanding of operations and business practices within the global fashion, luxury and design industry.
Presenting contemporary and future trends, enhancing the collections of designers, informing and inspiring their readers: this is the exciting mission of the fashion stylist. By the end of the program students will gain the ability to recognize different styles and trends, clearly define their personal vision of a product, and propose innovative and professional ideas successfully.


By understanding, the role and responsibilities of the professional stylist students learn how to pull together, organize and lead a team of experts to ensure the direction of what goes in the fashion magazines, appears online, or on the catwalk, communicates the right messages, at the right time, and to the right target audience.
From a solid base in styling, this course moves onto explore multiple areas of the fashion industry where management of the creative process is core practice. Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas and experiment in producing a different variety of visual outcomes, such as fashion editorials, viral videos, brand image and restyling proposals, interactive and print advertising campaigns, and social media visual contents. The course covers key skills in fashion copywriting, PR and media planning, fashion production management, business planning, time management, and advertising deadlines and budgets. Cultural studies in the history of design, dress and fashion culture provide the necessary skills to make a critical assessment of a brand or client’s lifestyle and legacy.

Students are encouraged to decode stereotypes and to think about image positioning from a different perspective in order to discover their own unique personal style. The ultimate goal is the independent creation of a professional styling portfolio that fully expresses the personality and skills of the student.

  • History of dress & costume
  • Fashion styling
  • Visual research and Visual Merchandising
  • Advertising Campaigns and Photography
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Art and Cultural contexts
  • Sociology Creative and Art Direction
  • General education studies
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