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The Course

Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising

Present, display and promote fashion
BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses · Bachelor of Arts

The course encompasses the inspirational, and experimentational elements of the fashion creative industries and beyond. With a focus on enhancing and curating individual styles, and polished yet contemporary creative outcomes via multiple media.


The Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising course is part of the Fashion Styling study pathways, focusing on visual merchandising as the core subject. The course is designed to enhance and curate individual styles and create polished yet contemporary creative outcomes via multiple media. The course challenges the intersection between fashion, communication and innovation and seeks to drive meaningful change in the discipline through informed, researched, and detailed proposals combined with an intuitive vision, solid communication design, and a creative strategy.

01 Oct 2024
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The programme enables an in-depth immersion into industry practice, both in terms of simulated scenarios and real projects, where practical skills are gained, planning and organising fashion-based content, and exploring the fashion network on a global scale. The course also introduces the journey of an informed circular economy and ethical practices with regards to design, production, printing, and more. The outputs gained from this course are generated using both analogue and digital formats and supported by an extensive research methodology for each output.

The Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising pathway starts in Level 5 Term 2, enabling the combination of creative skills with business acumen applied to a variety of industry-inspired innovative fashion concepts and outcomes. The course covers the basics of display dynamics, styling, outfit building, and creating core looks to engage the fashion consumer and generate sales. Topics such as store layout, lighting, fixtures, window presentations, graphic design, in-store displays, and overall store environment are covered, as well as in-store layout functions, fixture and fitting styles, mannequins and forms, and display installations.

The course also covers graphics and digital design skills to enhance visual concepts and their delivery, with a focus on gaining insight into business strategies and proposing concepts professionally. The course offers an opportunity to look into the future of the fashion industry, both offline and online, interrogating retail business strategies, the role of the buyer, fashion communication, branding, and analyzing new retail concepts, consumer behavior and current retail models through Omni channels. The programme concludes with a self-directed approach to research, development, and realization of a final major concept presented in a digital portfolio format.

  • Independently source, analyse and apply extensive research material to develop responses to written and creative briefs.
  • Critically evaluate and reflect on different methods and principles used in Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising industries across different contexts.
  • Autonomously generate and realize concepts and solutions relevant to context and audience, utilizing innovation and informing professional outcomes.
  • Demonstrate advanced application of current and emerging tools, materials, and technologies to create professional standard outcomes and solutions.
  • Communicate research, ideas, reasoned arguments, and design work in visual, oral, and written forms in a professional manner, employing relevant IT skills where appropriate.
  • Apply entrepreneurial skill, innovation and enterprise to positioning your own work and operating effectively within the context of the professional practice and environment of Fashion Styling, Visual Merchandising and related Fashion Industries.
  • Fashion stylist - editorial, advertorial, personal
  • Creative director
  • Art Director
  • Image consultant
  • Creative consultant
  • Wardrobe consultant
  • Personal shopper
  • Set designer
  • Trend forecaster
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Display designer
  • Set designer for retail, advertorial, editorial
  • Retail designer
  • Fashion business entrepreneur
  • Content creator

Year one

  • Fashion Image
  • New Media Environment
  • Professional Fashion Panorama
  • History of Art and Fashion

Year two

  • Fashion Branding
  • Visual Display Strategies
  • Retail Environment
  • Fashion, Art and Cultural Context

Year three

  • Fashion Retail Strategies
  • Final Major Project Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising
  • Final Dissertation



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