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Fashion Luxury Retail Strategies • Online

Discover the luxury fashion retail world in an age of transformation
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Short courses

Focused on the fashion luxury retail sector, its heritage and practices, this course will uncover the driving forces behind and will enable participants to recognise current and emerging trends in the luxury fashion retail sector while analysing how these are likely to be evolved in the future.


The digital transformation which developed new business models and strategies towards consumers will be examined in the context of Luxury codes while integrating new and upcoming technologies and innovation for holistic luxury retail experience.

Participants will be able to discover the necessity for retail to surf between the wave of experience and entertainment, evaluate various digital innovations in the context of luxury retail practices in relation to the latest innovations and their implications on business performance.

10 Jan 2022 - 18 Feb 2022
20 Jun 2022 - 29 Jul 2022
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Programme Specification


Week 1

The key-role of French luxury know-hows today in luxury retail panorama and its evolution over the past decade. Covering the historical roots of French luxury and its evolution as the worldwide leader in many categories: from craftmanship to the pillar of the French economy. The changes in the structure of retail industry over the past 10 years from physical to digital to phygital, the challenges for luxury embracing online strategies. Rethinking conventional retail by maintaining luxury heritage facing new requirement of consumers. The different luxury retail models and omni-channel.

Week 2

The challenges of new technologies in BTB and BTC supporting value chain when enhancing the glitter of luxury. Merging two worlds, how Fast Fashion supply chain influences luxury through new technologies practices to absorb the increasing volume of luxury trade. The digitalization of fashion commercialization – showroom, catwalk. The ubiquitous experience, seamless digital/physical, retailtaining technology. How technology promises to imbue delivering excellent customer service as well as a luxurious shopping experience (data collection, CRM, AI, VR, RFID touchscreen hangers etc.).

Week 3

How luxury brands can emerge stronger after pandemic: the recovery phases. How dynamic is the growth of Luxury Goods internet sales, the boundaries between on-line and physical stores are becoming increasingly blurred. The necessity for storytelling and keeping the narrative of craftmanship and luxury soul.Future trends in retail as Pre-sales, community engagement and more.

Week 4

Emerging luxury consumers paradigm and their challenging requirements. Online rising and the necessity for instore customers experience, importance of collab and customization. Gamification, when the store turns into an entertainment center and the risk of overbidding vs. luxury mindset. When art is the new collab, loyalty as the new quest. The new brand ambassadors. How CRM is a great support to amplify the new luxury glam? New Rules / ethics of merchandizing: who made my product, and the store architecture as the new sustainable place.

Week 5

New players reshaping traditional luxury retail processes. A macro-economic overview of other luxury markets: a true laboratory for new purchasing practices, customer relationship. Revolution Retailers facing increasingly demanding consumers with the arrival of new technologies, preference of the ultra-personalization to the mass marketing. Analysis of the fast shift in social categories of consumers. The various constraint in terms of communication expectation, opening the path for emerging brands local and international. Exporting brand for retail in other markets.

Week 6

Workshops including Online Parisian retail tour of top Luxury Retail Streets and the best kept secret places. Another French retail vision, from fashion to food eco-system. Participating in a Study case to create participant’s ideal retail place online or offline considering the global and local consumers.

  • Fashion luxury retail panorama and omni-channel
  • The new technologies and the digitalization transformation
  • The impact of the pandemic on luxury retail
  • Customers experience and quest for loyalty
  • The new paradigm of Parisian retail
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