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The Course

Fashion Luxury Storytelling in the Digital Era · Online

Uncover the luxury fashion storytelling universe through the digital shift
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How does the digital transformation change the way Fashion luxury brands communicate? What would be the future of fashion shows? Influencer economy? Social media?

This course introduces participants to the exciting world of fashion and heritage storytelling through digital and futuristic methods equipping them with innovative and creative tools to develop framework and strategies for the interaction between luxury fashion brands and media.

Multi-platforms communication channels & technologies promoting luxury brands narratives, know-how and codes will be discovered as digital PR, Fashion films & photography, creative event planning and more while highlighting the luxury experience and online consumer engagement shift.

10 Jan 2022 - 18 Feb 2022
20 Jun 2022 - 29 Jul 2022
English  - Fee
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Week 1

The first week will be dedicated on understanding of contemporary fashion creative communication with a luxury brand positioning. This will be completed with a focus on digital technologies and creative event planning strategies. Each student will start develop an individual Fashion Communications Event project (content management, managing a budget and preparing a communication plan for a luxury brand) along with a strategy to visually promote it on social media.

Week 2

The second week will be dedicated to the use of Communications tools, with a focus on films and photography creative direction (theory and workshop) to develop strong storytelling and consumers visibility through digital media (brands announcements, collaborations, events, special projects), enhancing savoir-faire and luxury heritage, as well as practical and creative post-production skills. In this week, students will also learn how to target the correct audience for their promotional strategy.

Week 3

Gradually moving towards future scenarios for the fashion industry, the third week will focus on innovative communications, as well as introduce the students to promoting future heritage with craft and Haute Couture through digital technologies (Avant-garde advertising campaigns, gaminng etc.). This week will also focus on brand narratives through digital and writing content creation.

Week 4

In this week, students will progress in their individual Communications project from a business and consumers perspective both in photo/video laboratories and a seminar on Influencer Storytelling tools and strategies. In addition, this week will introduce to students the business challenge behind social media through the consumer’s impact (KPI, return on investment, brand’s positioning through influencers placements). Students will benefit from a practical Visual Communications class to support their creative projects.

Week 5

In this week, students will improve their creativity through digital marketing and artistic direction. Seminars from professionals of the industry will complete their knowledge. Students will benefit from an intensive workshop on use of new tools to create innovative communications material.

Week 6

In the final week students will be guided into the completion of their individual innovative communication and Event Planning digital portfolio. After a final presentation, they will receive a feedback from tutors


  • Digital Communications & Event Planning
  • Haute Couture & Luxury in the Digital Age
  • Visual Communication
  • Video Storytelling for Social Media
  • Creative Direction
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