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Fashion Design with John Richmond · Online

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Through practical and theoretical lessons, participants are shown how to formulate convincing and creative ideas and translate them into an effective visual representation under the guidance of John Richmond, known for his irreverent style blending street chic with a luxurious precision.


This short course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of fashion design and the fascinating world of the designer working and using digital drawing and illustration techniques.

During the 4 weeks , students are introduced to key concepts in the fashion design process, from basic drawing and digital illustration techniques, to the study of trends, fabrics and materials, and new developments and expectations in fashion such as sustainability, assisted by tutors and professionals with extensive experience in the fashion industry. At the end of the course participants will be able to put together their own basic fashion design collection developed entirely in a digital format and provide supporting materials that demonstrate their creativity and design inspiration. All concepts and supporting materials will also be illustrated and presented digitally throughout the course.


15 Feb 2021 - 12 Mar 2021
English  - Fee
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£ 2,300


Beginning with digital drawing lessons (Adobe Photoshop*), participants are immediately introduced to some of the main processes necessary in putting together a successful fashion collection, including for example: silhouette and shape, color charts, fabrics and materials, and appropriate financial and commercial considerations. 
A focus on current trends and market developments, and an overview on bloggers and influencers will further assist in under- standing the fashion industry today and provide additional creative stimulus in the design of basic outfits.

*the software will be used throughout the course and for the development of a basic final collection


During the second week online participants are encouraged to develop primary and secondary research and will have the chance to develop basic silhouettes and coordinate outfits drawing on personal inspiration.
They will continue to work more in-depth on the main processes in collection design, such as on shape, color palettes, and fabrics and materials, as well as taking a look at trends in sustainable fashion; its origins and analysis, and where appropriate, consider these issues in their own creative design ideas.


During the third week participants will be shown a basic digital application of fabrics and materials, together with the development of prints, and how to coordinate outfits using digital tools. An overview of fashion marketing and communication illustrates the importance of business on style, while a focus on market values demonstrates their fundamental role in making creative choices, as well their influence on a contemporary collection.


During the last week of the online course participants will be able to finalise their own basic digital fashion design collection and presentation based on inspiration linked to a selected theme.
They will present their collection to tutors online, supported by appropriate creative and basic technical materials, and will re- ceive constructive feedback for a final assessment on the activities undertaken, and their individual progress, over the course of the 4 weeks.

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