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My Haute Couture Sketchbook · Online

Express your artistic fashion design ideas in a visionary sketchbook
Online Short courses
Short courses

This short course aims to equip participants with the tools to artistically express their design ideas in a sketchbook to include later in a fashion design portfolio for their undergraduate degree.


Are you a future fashion designer? Is your dream to discover how the world of Haute Couture, luxury Ready-to-Wear, and contemporary fashion creative minds works?

The course will include inspirational research for fashion collection, fabrics and materials exploration, fashion drawing and illustration, development of a mini collection and visual communication.

Participants will create a fascinating personal sketchbook which will showcase their design inspiration, fashion design creative process, expressing their unique designer’s vision.

10 Jan 2022 - 18 Feb 2022
20 Jun 2022 - 29 Jul 2022
English  - Fee
Only course fee

Week 1

In the first week students explore the different aspects and structure of luxury fashion, their history and codes, and the visual language they use to communicate. They approach the bases of fashion drawing and illustration, and identify their ideal target, to develop their personal visual language.

Week 2

In the second week students develop their skills in illustrating and explore their personal aesthetic, by researching the iconic and contemporary fashion.

Week 3

During this week the students organize their work exploring the storytelling of different layouts, including in the research supports, colours, finishings, etc. They will define a final proposal for the creation of their own sketchbook.

Week 4

At this stage of the course, students further develop their ability to communicate visual concepts by drawing them in a coherent order, respecting the proposal they presented the previous week.

Week 5

During this week participants, organizing their research and personal production of illustrations, proceed with the creation of their sketchbook, fine-tuning their communication for the luxury fashion level.

Week 6

The last week is focused on finally communicating and presenting their ideas through a personal sketchbook. Participants will consider the purpose of the sketchbook, like further studies or job interviews, for a presentation coherent with their aims/expectations.

  • Research and Editing
  • Fashion Drawing
  • Rendering technics
  • Sketchbook layout
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