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The Course

New Textiles For Luxury Fashion Design • Online

Where the craft of luxury fashion textile meets innovative methods
Online Short courses
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The course aims for creative participants who are passionate to innovate through exploring and engaging with the craft of luxury fashion textile and its potential.

The course will reinterpret the heritage of haute couture and luxury know-how materials looking towards the future of textile practices while discovering new approaches for materials in fashion design.

Techniques will be introduced in both new and traditional textile and surface design, encouraging participants to investigate inspirational practices towards contemporary and innovative methods for Luxury fashion textile.

10 Jan 2022 - 18 Feb 2022
20 Jun 2022 - 29 Jul 2022
English  - Fee
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Week 1

This first week focuses on discovering the exciting range of new materials, such as bio-fabrication using living organisms, composites, reactive textiles, fabrics that stay fresh without washing. Hands-on exploration of bio-plastics will lead to discover some of the easiest processes.

Week 2

Technology has freed design from conventional parameters opening unimagined perspectives. This part of the program presents the interface between technology and craft to create new aesthetics. It includes information on embedded electronics, coding, computer aided design and processing, Fab Labs.

Week 3

Enriched by the previous weeks’ contents, this week focuses on exploring and reinterpreting traditional craftsmanship to obtain contemporary forms and sustain rare know-hows. Practical explorations of traditional techniques will support further reflection.

Week 4

Textiles reflect a picture of times. Current social trends show a growing quest for meaning, expression, participative design and empowerment. Increasing collaborations with contemporary artists, slow design, subcultures reinvent design solutions to take textiles beyond passive substrates.

Week 5

Aware that fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries, future production cannot omit sustainable practice. Eco-responsibility is an important catalyst for developing new out-comes. Participants will propose solutions for this inevitable shift, including circular design.

Week 6

The last week will focus on further experimentation to complete the folio of swatches. The main objective is to open pathways for innovative multidisciplinary practices, creative hybridizations, whilst taking into account technological and social evolution of design thinking.

  • Extreme materials
  • New technologies for crafts
  • Craftsmanship and creativity
  • Meaning, slow design and art
  • Experimental folio
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