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Personal Portfolio Preparation • Online

6 Weeks · Online Option
Online Short courses
Short courses

Istituto Marangoni offers the exclusive opportunity to enroll to this 6-weeks online courses, to all potential participants, no matter where they are in the world. By attending this short course – with lessons delivered three days a week, in the late afternoon time slot – participants have the chance to start their learning of the basics of the most recent digital applications and tools that fashion companies and brands worldwide are adopting.


The Personal Portfolio Preparation short course is designed to equip students with the visual skills they need to communicate their design ideas and progress to study at undergraduate level in fashion. Tutorials encourage students to analyse the visual world in which we live, through drawing and the sourcing of visual images that together combine the personal research undertaken in the field. The pace is fast, to generate instinctive responses to the assigned task, and tease out the enthusiasm and possible subject focus of the student in the field.

25 Oct 2021 - 03 Dec 2021
Italian · English  - Fee
Only course fee

Week 1

In the first week students explore fashion and its aesthetic world, to understand which contents they want to communicate and are more aligned with their vision. Through drawings, text, colours, images research, they will be able to identify the area on which they want to focus and develop their portfolio in the following weeks.

Week 2

In the second week students further develop their skills in creating their own portfolio, by assembling the references and the existing products they found through the research, while deepening their analysis by using drawing techniques and other graphic tools.

Week 3

During this week the students organize their work with the support of digital software for the creation of layouts, including in their research also materials, colours, drawings, etc. They define a final proposal for the creation of their own portfolio.

Week 4

At this stage of the course, students further develop their ability to generate ideas by drawing them and assembling different visual references, creating carefully edited collages based on given materials, creative ideas and colours.

Week 5

During this week all participants, using materials / ideas previously collected and developed, proceed with the creation of their own personal portfolio, which is aimed at a precise choice of communication in the fashion field.

Week 6

The last week is focused on finally communicating and presenting their ideas through a personal portfolio. Participants will have to consider the purpose of the portfolio, like further studies or job interviews, for a presentation coherent with their aims/expectations.

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