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The Course

Fashion Styling and Industry Portfolio Development · Online

Align your portfolio to the latest style and visual trends.
Online Short courses
Short courses

This short course introduces the participants to some of the key contemporary factors needed to update, expand and align your existing portfolio according the latest trends in fashion styling and visual communication.


With a specific industry based methodology and focus on idea development, visual research, production skills, trend validation and unique presentation skills, you will be able to critically self direct and improve your motivations and vision, while practically sky rocketing your aesthetic and style.

Through seminars and workshops tutors will share their own experience of the Industry, providing invaluable knowledge in terms of skills and tools/hacks.

Specific attention is given to the fashion publishing market (magazines), the roles of fashion editors and creative directors and their own team and network, key stylists and photographers and how to identify runway trends and use them to validate your creative ideas. As a practical task students will produce a fashion story pitched at a magazine of their choice.


Week 1

Students will be benefit from a thorough review of their portfolios from an industry’s perspective based on current trends and requirements. Students will be introduced to the project of producing a fashion story pitched to a magazine of their choice. This will be a critical process and self-reflection about their work , where it sits in the industry and how to position it better.

Week 2

Students will be introduced to creative techniques on concept development.

Practical research tools will be provided and visual research methodologies explained in depth, covering the process from first concept development to atmospheric and technical moodboards.

In addition to the above, the rationale of how a single shot fits into an overall portfolio will be analyzed, with specific attention to the difference between commissioned and self generated projects.

Week 3

The participants’ editorial concepts/magazine pitches will be reviewed and the focus shifted on Trend Analysis, Forecasting and still image Production, highlighting the methodology at the root of the Course: Research and Production validated by Seasonal Trends.

Case studies in support will be provided and explained.

Week 4

The networking aspects of the styling job will be widely explained, as a necessary toolbox to provide the final outcomes with a coherent and contemporary industry benchmark.

Shooting teams, garments outsourcing professionals and potential clients to pitch/propose students’ work will be analyzed in depth.

Support and feedback will be given while students plan independently the proposed shoot.

Case studies in support will be provided and explained.

Week 5

All practical aspects involved in the production of a photoshoot will be analyzed and explained in depth. Specific focus, feedback and support will be provided while students realize independently their own shoot.

Case studies in support will be analyzed and explained.

Week 6

Layout techniques will be analyzed, illustrating how graphic design works in sync with the final images to make the final outcome outstanding.

Specific focus will be given to the shoots realized by the students, including practical advice on how to pitch them properly to the chosen magazine in a real life scenario.

A final group presentation will allow students to share the acquired knowledge and critically self assess the quality of their work and final outcome: identifying solid results and eventual further areas of improvement.

Apply a self critical approach to your work and learn how to generate contemporary visual outcomes
Learn the connection between research and production.
Learn how to build a successful network as a fashion stylist.
Learn how to develop your own personal combination between creativity and fashion trends.
Generate a creative outcome (editorial) capable to move your portfolio ahead.
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