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Fashion Image & Styling · Online

Online Short courses
Short courses

The online courses offer participants the chance to study fashion entirely online.


These short courses focus on the exciting development of style and the analysis of image in fashion and luxury. Participants will be introduced to the world of styling and iconographic images; looking at styles defined from the past, present style interpretations, and new image and style trends. They will evaluate aspects related to traits of the body and learn how stylists enhance and complement physical characteristics. During the course they will be shown some of the ‘tools of the trade’ that top stylists use for fashion publications and photo shoots, and understand how style affects brands, image, and sales. Over the 4 weeks participants will work on the development of their own individual style through the construction of a ‘total look’ that will be developed through moodboards and creative research.

Online Course

Online programmes focus on the digital application of fashion styling used daily by fashion stylists, and companies worldwide. Participants will be shown some of the key digital tools for styling work including, online trend research, digital moodboards, and basic image retouching and editing skills. Via an exciting mix of online classes, workshops and talks participants will be guided to define, develop and present digital images, collating and editing their work in an individual mini-digital portfolio or basic style-book of images.


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