Fashion Design & Hand Embroidery in Fashion

Core course & 2-week pathway

7 Jan 2019 - 1 Feb 2019
full package in twin room £ 5.800
tuition fee only £ 4.200

For students under the age of 18, parent/guardian consent is required.

Programme Specification



Additional study for core course · 2 weeks

Hand embroidery techniques have always captivated the fashion industry; historically as a symbol of luxury and wealth, through to today’s fashion statements and exciting possibilities in fabric enhancement. This course provides a hands-on look at this unique craft beginning with the simple running stitch, working towards investigating experimental 3D stitch techniques. The overall aim is to stimulate individual creative ideas and conceptual thinking, as well as discovering and successfully relating embroidery and textiles to contemporary fashion.

Weeks 1 · 2

Structured as a creative textile workshop this course teaches various embroidery and stich techniques including connecting, filling and joining, as well as investigating more decorative stiches to create patterns and detailed motifs. Throughout the course participants are encouraged to practice their skills and develop more experimental stitching techniques including for example, 3D and surface manipulation. They may also develop and build on their own work, bringing together a variety of skills to create a textile sample that relates to their own ability and creativity, and demonstrates the knowledge gained in class. Exploring research that represents personal inspiration, participants are also guided in how to plan and develop new design ideas, and consider how their own hand embroidery swatches could evolve for use on a garment or product in today’s fashion industry.

*Pathways are 2 week study courses that focus on a particular theme or skill within a main study area. These courses are available as an addition to core courses.



This short course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of fashion design, how to formulate ideas and translate them into a visual representation. Participants will be introduced to key notions in the fashion design process and to basic drawing and illustration techniques. The course also explores the role of the fashion designer via a vocational learning approach.


Week 1

The start of the course introduces fashion drawing and design techniques followed by an analysis of the founding principles of developing a fashion collection including: silhouette, colour charts, fabrics and accessories, right through to the design and creation of outfits. Participants are then introduced to the fashion silhouette, colour palettes, the appropriate use of fabrics, and the principle financial considerations of designing for fashion.

Week 2

Starting from creative research to foster personal inspiration, participants are guided to design and develop ideas into basic silhouettes and coordinate outfits with fabric and colour selection. The focus on trend research looks into its origins together with market relevance, and a brief analysis on how trends influence and help form a contemporary collection. Participants put into practice the acquired knowledge and prepare a basic collection of work.

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