Short Courses · Online Option · 4 weeks
22 Jun 2020 - 17 Jul 2020
tuition fee only € 2.600

4 Jan 2021 - 29 Jan 2021
tuition fee only € 2.600

Short Courses · Blended Option · 2 weeks online + 2 weeks in school
15 Jun 2020 - 26 Jun 2020
14 Sep 2020 - 25 Sep 2020
tuition fee only € 4.100

The blended option provide a mix of online classes, with the added opportunity to study at school, in the classroom, for the final 2 weeks of the course. The first two weeks go from June 22nd to July 3rd. The second two weeks go from September 14th to September 25th.

Programme Specification

These short courses focus on the exciting and ever changing world of image and the development of style in fashion, together with key business practices that work hand in hand to drive the success of luxury brands. By understanding both the role and influence of the fashion stylist within a business environment, participants gain a unique insight into the real influence and ‘power’ of image within the fashion industry.
The course begins by looking at the fashion system and some of its key business practices, in combination with the history of fashion and luxury in a contemporary context; for example highlighting and investigating creative imaginary, and storytelling, in fashion and art today.

Participants will study future fashion trends and the elements that characterize and influence them, bringing together style research (the importance of colour, silhouette, accessories and their combination) in an individual fashion style concept or fashion shoot proposal, linked to a basic marketing plan for a product or brand. At the end of the course participants are able to collate all their work supported by key notions in branding and marketing in an individual stylebook.

Blended Course:

4 weeks – 2 weeks online + 2 weeks in school:

Blended programmes offer an exciting mix of online classes, frontal lessons, and workshops combined with guest talks with the industry, and external visits, for example: how styling promotes the real ‘customer experience’ via a retail store ‘safari’ where participants are able to understand different merchandising tools and formats ‘styled’ for fashion and luxury both online, and in store.  With support from tutors in class, participants are able to bring together a visual presentation of their digital work undertaken in the first two weeks, and compile their own basic fashion shoot plan, together with stylebook for a chosen brand, product or personality.


Online Course:

4 weeks online:

This online course focuses on the digital influence and impact on image and style, and ultimately, on today’s fashion industry. Participants are able to investigate the power and influence of styling on visual communication, sales and promotion, by exploring top success stories from major fashion brands, and the shift from offline, to online visual storytelling.  The influence of fashion film and the use of fashion animation in advertising and business promotion are also discussed.  Online seminars with professionals from the industry further enhance the online learning experience, and assist participants in focusing on key business notions for developing their own basic stylebook for a chosen brand, product or personality.




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