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Music Design

The importance of sound communication
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During this course, we will analyze the use of music in the fashion design, arts and creativity sectors. We will discover the impact that music has on social media creating a tailored sound suitable to define the identity of the Brand within the fashion and luxury sectors.


With a passion for style, music and creativity, participants will learn how to create a tailored sound suitable for defining the brand identity within the fashion and luxury industry. The goal is to recognize, reinvent and define the music of a product or a company. Understanding the importance and the difference of suitable soundtracks in various sectors of fashion and in the creative industry such as fashion shows, advertising campaigns, social media, as well as in music videos, TV and movies.

05 Sep 2022 - 23 Sep 2022
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Participants will discover how luxury brands are working to introduce the Music Designer within their companies through a tailor-made tailoring consultancy, with a sound choice that fits the tastes, age, mood of the moment, the lifestyle or the client imagination. They will learn that the Music Designer has the aim to promote the visibility of the brand, using the music potential as a powerful tool of communication. They will work both on music already composed and recorded and on the original music that they will learn to compose during the course. They will understand the role of Music Designer, his influence on the relationship between the brand and the consumer and they will understand how sound communication has changed over time. This program covers the recording, editing and post production music techniques. How to manage the organization and the economics of the soundtrack production process, learning to deal with technical problems and to answer to the client’s needs. Participants will learn how to apply different reproduction techniques of the soundtrack, selecting appropriate methods like Live Dj set, recording set and video sync set.

Week 1

During the first week participants will study the sonic identity and the costumer/brand needs. They will become familiar with the most significant digital audio post-production programs. They will learn to search, choose and recognize the most suitable soundtrack for the assigned project. They will discover the trends in the field of Music Design field and the methods used for the final reproduce the final result.

Week 2

During the second week, the course will focus on the analysis, research and production of the music to be used in the construction of the soundtrack, they will analyze the client’s request preparing a work plan. They will work actively on a case history. They will learn to adapt existing music to the project, editing the single audio files. They will create their own original music themed to the mood of the project.

Week 3

The third week will be dedicated to the build-up of the soundtrack. All the songs selected or produced during the second week will be combined to create the soundtrack. Students will try different reproduction techniques such as Live DJ set, recording set and video sync set. 

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Know how to analyze the customer’s request, create a work plan that meets the brand briefing and the end user request.
  • Prove the ability to research music suitable for the development of the final track.
  • Use the Ableton tool: record, edit, compose and program music sequences.
  • Support the client’s creative ideas by proposing appropriate musical choices.
  • Create a contemporary soundtrack that references the required current trends and influences relevant to target market.
  • Analysis of the use of music, Case history, in the fashion, design, art and creativity sectors.
  • Study of the sound identity of brands (music identity) and musical analysis of the reference market.
  • Search and selection within the available music databases
  • Music Editing and synchronization
  • Soundtrack reproduction techniques (Live, DJ set, Radio)
  • The importance of music in social media

Music Designers tools (Ableton V11 – Mac/Pc)

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