Fashion Image, Styling & Style Your Business Suit

Core course & 1-week pathway

7 Jan 2019 - 25 Jan 2019
full package in twin room £ 4.600
tuition fee only £ 3.400

Programme Specification



Additional study for core course · 1 week

Participants will be introduced to the role of the stylist as image consultant for Business-wear occasions. An overview on menswear fashion, from sartorial history to contemporary trends will be undertaken, which will inform the study of men’s styling and men’s image consultancy.

Notions about how to style a man in business occasions will be explained, with professional grooming-stylist and personal shopper support. Location visits to menswear brand shops of different styles and price levels to contextualise the recent developments in menswear is organized as an experience to acquire inspiration for a final business occasion project. Participants will engage in a practical styling workshop and work on research and develop styles/looks for a hypothetical client and will present this proposal in a storyboard format.

*Pathways are 1 week study courses that focus on a particular theme or skill within a ‘core’ study area. Participants choose pathways as an add-on to their core course in order to undertake further study in their chosen subject.


This course aims to provide participants with an understanding of the stylist’s role in the current fashion market, investigating the various career options. There is a particular focus on the introduction to editorial and personal styling. Participants will gain knowledge on how styling and fashion image are used to attract a global fashion audience, whilst also gaining individual styling knowledge (personal identity). The course looks at various areas such as concept development research, visual presentation skills and practical styling outcomes. Historic fashion styles as well as key looks and trends are also introduced.


Week 1

Style overview: participants study and explore key periods in history that represent past, present styles, future fashion trends and the elements that characterize and influence them. In order to fully understand the role of the stylist, participants will be guided in sourcing and collating information from research tools such as books and fashion magazines and through specific virtual domains relevant to fashion and luxury, as well as conducting iconographic research on.

Week 2

Personal identity: participants evaluate the different types of human faces and bodies and are introduced to the skills and techniques used to enhance particular physical features such as hairstyling and make-up. They will gain an understanding of the fundamental elements used to dictate a style (i.e. the importance of colour, silhouette, accessories and their combination) and key notions in photo shoot planning and narrative.

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