Fashion Business & Fashion Blogging

Core course & 2-week pathway

7 Jan 2019 - 1 Feb 2019
full package in twin room £ 5.800
tuition fee only £ 4.200

For students under the age of 18, parent/guardian consent is required.

Programme Specification



Additional study for core course · 2 weeks

This course provides participants with the opportunity to understand the fashion blogging phenomenon and discover its professional visibility, and opportunities. The course will appeal to both individuals interested in becoming fashion bloggers/influencers, or fashion PR professionals and communication managers wishing to gain further insight into this exciting area – the course offers a broad overview of how fashion organizations are integrating bloggers and influencers in their communication plans.

Week 1

The first week will be dedicated to the key notions of fashion blogging from its origins to future opportunities in order to understand its interaction with other areas of fashion communication, and perspectives in fashion business. The subject will be presented and explained within a consumer behaviour and sociological trends framework. Participants will understand its meaning, definitions, and international overview and trends to be able to successfully ‘blog’. Looking at digital PR strategy entails blogging as part of an integrated digital communication approach, which includes social media, advertising, content marketing, promotions and event media. Later, a brief overview of possible roles of Fashion blogging professions will be given.

Week 2

The second week will be dedicated to building a professional, up-to-date fashion blogging toolkit including copy techniques and digital visual skills. Participants will receive a formal introduction to content and work actively on case histories and applications with a focus on platforms, devices and techniques used in fashion blogging to craft a positive message. Likewise, copy techniques employed in the fashion blogging process from fashion writing, to hashtags and SEO copy are evaluated. In order to measure progress in fashion blogging participants also take a look at coverage, engagement, KPI and applications, creating a full glossary of fashion blogging today.

*Pathways are 2-week study courses that focus on a particular theme or skill within a ‘core’ study area. Participants choose pathways as an add-on to their core course in order to undertake further study in their chosen subject.


The core module in Fashion Business introduces some of the key managerial skills necessary to implement marketing and brand strategies for luxury and life-style companies. With a special focus on Made in Italy, participants learn about the critical success factors in fashion industries such as textiles, apparel, accessories, cosmetics, eyewear and jewellery.


Week 1

Participants begin with an analysis of economic and social trends: understanding economic and social evolution and how this influences fashion consumption. The week also includes new markets and how fashion can evolve in them through expansion strategies: new brands, luxury brands and distribution chain stores, as well as style comparison.

Week 2

This week covers an overview of fashion: textiles, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, eyewear and jewelry. Participants will look at critical factors defining the success of some leading Italian brands such as Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, including commercial international distribution chain stores such as Zara and H&M, and sportswear chain stores for example Nike. Product placement via competitor analysis is also explored as well as the fundamentals of strategic marketing.

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