The world of fashion across the 4 world capitals.


Travel and experience key fashion business capitals. This unique experience will give participants a truly international insight into the European approach to creativity and the business of fashion. The diverse cultural histories of the different fashion capitals give each city its own individual take on the global fashion industry. Diverse cultural and historical influences combined with new consumer trends and emerging markets gives each city its own individual slant on the global fashion industry while also producing key strengths; London on design concept and inspiration, Paris on business, Milano on styling, and an optional fourth week in Firenze on menswear, fashion and art or alternatively in Miami USA, investigating the phenomena of street style, leisurewear and luxury. In each city, participants will have the opportunity to develop a creative project related to a subject specialty. During the course opportunities to visit internationally acclaimed fashion shows and exhibitions are offered, where possible.

Fashion & The Cities Europe > 22/06/2020 – 10/07/2020
Tuition fee with accommodation in twin room £ 5.700*

Fashion & The Cities Europe > Option Florence > 22/06/2020 – 17/07/2020
Tuition fee with accommodation in twin room £ 7.200*

Fashion & the cities USA > 22/06/2020- 17/07/2020
full package £ 8.400*



The course will commence in London. The Fashion & The Cities • full package • also includes flights or trains between London and Paris, and between Paris and Milan, and/or the train (one way) between Milan and Florence, and/or the flight between Milan and Miami (one-way flight) plus transfers to the city center. Flights are on fixed dates, on selected airlines and will be communicated at the time of the enrollment by the admission offices. The payment for the Fashion & The Cities fees must be made to Istituto Marangoni London (see the application for details). The closing date for applications for the ‘Fashion & The Cities’ courses is 5th June 2020. International students attending The Fashion & The Cities course, must possess a valid tourist visa to enter the United Kingdom, France, Italy and United States of America.


week 1 • the creative capsule collection

London > 22/06/2020 – 26/06/2020

London is a source of inspiration, experimentation and cutting-edge concepts where fashion design meets contemporary art. The diversity of style and the culture behind it is underlined by the unique approach to the fashion industry within the city. In London participants will be introduced to a design project, drawing on the inspiration that top designers find inspiring about this city. Based on fashion design development participants learn how to put together a mini collection of ideas, developing mood boards and trend analysis that will underpin their design concept. London thrives on all that is fresh and new, and participants too are encouraged to find original approaches to design, question the rules and push the boundaries of style and taste.

week 2 • new business venture

Paris > 29/06/2019 – 03/07/2020

Paris is the birthplace of fashion. Here participants look at marketing and acquire a real taste of the business through an inspiring project. Paris is in ‘the business of elegance’. After carrying out research into the luxury of fashion and the contemporary and historical Parisian fashion industry, participants create a visual business plan to launch a new line for an existing label of their choice, guided by the provision of informative seminars on contemporary fashion marketing. With the history of couture still rooted in the heart of the French fashion industry, Paris combines a chic outlook with a winning formula for quality and design. The rules of fashion are created here, through an understanding and appreciation of elegance and tradition.

week 3 • styling & image

Milano > 06/07/2020 – 10/07/2020

Lifestyle is in the DNA of Italy and Milano celebrates this through its fashion culture, reflected in its own unique interpretation of styling and fashion communication publication. The wealth of the fashion business in the city supports one of the worlds biggest industries. It is in this city that styling and fashion photography were born and where the worlds most acclaimed fashion publicity and editorial campaigns are produced. Participants have the opportunity to choose a fashion season, an Italian brand and identify with styles and trends to build basic research that allows them to idealise their own photo-shoot. From a varied collection of garments, participants make a coherent choice of outfits and accessories in relation to their research, just as real stylists do before their next shoot.

week 4 • Option

Firenze > fashion vs art

 13/07/2020 – 17/07/2020

Home to luxury brands such as Gucci, Ferragamo, Cavalli and Emilio Pucci and to generations of highly skilled artisans and craftsmen, Firenze is a hub of creativity, upholding the ‘Made in Italy’ brand renowned for style, menswear, quality and top-class manufacturing approaches. With an immense artistic and culture heritage and longstanding in its fashion tradition, participants investigate the trend in the growing bond between fashion and art. By investigating cultural and historical influences on style, quality and craftsmanship participants rediscover ‘Italianness’; analysing top accessories brands, and the changing tide in the International Menswear industry, with Florence and the Pitti Uomo Fashion Fair a key appointment in the fashion calendar.
The whole course has a strong cultural perspective and an intense schedule of field trips to museums, galleries, exhibitions and art institutions, enhancing participants understanding and overall vision of fashion & art.

Miami > Leisure & Luxury, the ‘Miamification’ of fashion
13/07/2020 – 17/07/2020

With Milano as the fashion capital of ‘Made in Italy’ style, and Paris prevailing in Haute Couture, the USA is the arcadia of streetwear and ‘athleisure’, two fast moving contemporary trends within the fashion panorama. Recent collaborations show how the distinct world’s of leisure and luxury fashion are now in unison with each other; with street style reflected in luxury, and luxury inflecting leisurewear, streetwear and athleisure have become the ‘new luxury’. Within this context, Miami’s diversity and variety of styles, influences, tastes, languages, cultures and subcultures fully embrace this phenomenon. Through an experiential approach to learning, this course explores fast moving digital and social media driven study into key notions of contemporary fashion marketing and branding, ‘Glocal’ identities, co-branding, influencer marketing and customer psychographic research. Inspired by the concepts of flâneur and serendipity, psycho-geography guided walks around key areas of the city are organized to gather photographic, written, audio, and video inspiration from urban architecture, art, music and street fashion trend spotting. By the end of the week participants will have worked to create a final mood board for a 3-piece collection, and co-branding digital strategy proposal (Instagram); a self-reflective digital journal records the whole proces.

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